Monday, March 29, 2010

DIY Dogwash

Since our pup is about to have a major lifestyle change from backwoods dog to highbrow city-hound, we thought we'd better get him gussied up for his travels.  Dog owners, have you ever been to one of these do-it-yourself dogwashes?  Now that I've tried it, I'll never go back.  We always used to wash our dog in the tub, but that really turns one tough job into two: the scrubbing of the dog and the scouring of the bathroom, not to mention the extra laundry and the chasing of the wet dog around with towels before he can shake himself off and cause further messes.  Since we are currently without our own bathroom in which to wreak such havoc, I headed to Club Canine on Saturday to give Louie a serious scrubdown.
Let me tell you, this was worth every penny.  For $18, you get access to these great tubs, a ton of products, and pile of nice clean towels.  The tubs are elevated, so no stooping over a low tub killing your back, and the dogs get clipped in, so no wrestling match to keep the little scoundrel in the tub.  You get to first go to town with a Furminator, which is now the top item on my Christmas list this year: I seriously got an entire dog's worth of hair off of Louie with this super-professional grooming tool.  Then you get to go to scrub away with special shampoos and conditioners.
Last but not least, a lovely spa attendent comes around and gives the dog a blueberry facial.  No, I am not kidding.  Yes, I wanted one myself.
Finally, you get access to tons of towels and a high-powered doggie blow-dryer (sorry, no photo, I was pushing my luck with his time in the tub by this point).  The best part?  You get to leave the dirty tub and towels behind.  I did not a lick of clean-up!  Just gave the dog a complimentary cookie, and headed out of there with one saucy looking pup.
Nana and Grampa, get ready for one shiny, foxy, ginger-scented canine to arrive on your doorstep.
He's so petable now, you cannot resist his charms.


  1. FURminator: I must have you!!!

    SMJ, your product finds are the best, & part of why yours is the only blog I follow regularly. Once again, your timing is immaculate. I've had several minor meltdowns this past week over our 2 cats who are busily shedding their winter coats... on the couch, on the bed, on the floor... Despite Clarke's best attempts to convince me, "They're cats. It's what they do." I get all worked up over it.

    I sense an online order being placed in the near future...!

    Oh! And Louie looks a dream now!! Nice work there. :-)

  2. I myself love DIY dogwashes! Rub a Dub Dog is Seattle was my first and I haven't gone back to tub washing since (unless he rolls in something of course and then it's usually the hose). I love that you can hook the dog up to the side of the tub and he can't make a run for it!

  3. Safe travels Louie! liz