Friday, March 5, 2010

Sun + Run = Fun

The sun came out today!  It was so beautiful outside that I was inspired to bring my camera along and share some scenes from a run in Maine with Baby J.  Check it:
Getting geared up.
Snuggled in and ready to go... conditions way more favorable than yesterday.
Beautiful creek and wetlands on our route.
Sparkling sun on the water... such a nice counterpoint to all the gray lately!  Loving it.
I've always loved this old barn.  My vision for it?  New windows, wide-plank pine floors, great heating system, big wooden sign reading The Yoga Barn.  Wouldn't this make a gorgeous yoga retreat?  And then in the summer you could do a little farm stand outside with fresh juices, organic veggies and prepared healthy foods for post-class yoginis.  Oh, my ideas for this one are endless...

And now, the obligatory lobster-related shots:
Lobster traps.
Lobster buoys.
Little guy with lobster.
Lobster pier.  This place has the BEST fresh lobster in the summer months.  Can't wait!
This concludes the shellfish portion of our run.
View from the bridge... can't get enough of that blue sky!
Finish line/stretching area.  Ahhhhh.....
It's supposed to stay sunny and warm all weekend.  I am thrilled beyond words. 
What a difference a day makes, eh?
Happy Friday!

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  1. I almost feel like I just went on that run with you! (in my dreams!) Thank you for the photographic play-by-play. Proud of you for getting out there with the BOB and the babe:) You are an inspiration!!