Welcome to Sweet Mama Jane!
I started writing this blog in September 2009, shortly after my return to work following the birth of my first baby.  Suddenly slammed by a demanding job, long commute, and the pull and priority of my new little family, I quickly felt out of touch with my self, and in need of a little corner of the world to call my own.  Writing has always been my best creative outlet, so a blog seemed like a perfect venue to stay connected to all the things that defined me pre-baby, and to reflect upon the details of my new life as a working mom. 

A few months after I started blogging, in January of 2010, a job opportunity for my husband relocated us from rural Vermont to Boston, Massachusetts.  My lifestyle did a complete 180 in the year that followed.  After six years of living in the sticks, adapting to our new urban life has been a wild ride.  And while I telecommuted to my job in Vermont for our first year here, that has now come to an end. I am currently a full-time Stay-at-Home-Mom, which is its own adventure.  

Food is my passion and cooking is at the center of our life at home, so Sweet Mama Jane is a place to share that love and catalog our culinary adventures (and misadventures). On top of recipes, ruminations, and recommendations on everything from lip balm to baby soap, you'll find occasional rants, lots of daydreaming, and periodic lusting after the Anthropologie catalog. 

Throughout a time of tremendous transition in my life, Sweet Mama Jane has helped me stay in tune with my self and in touch with a wide, wise circle of friends and readers who keep me grounded.  I am so very grateful to everyone who reads and comments on this blog! What comes next?  Stay tuned and find out...

Some favorite photos:
My boys.
Old school Vermont adventures with baby and dog.
A run in the concrete jungle.
A fun day of vintage shopping while visiting my in-laws in St. Louis.  Great day, great memories, great coat.
Note: "Sweet Mama Jane" is a hybrid of many nicknames I earned in college and just after due to my propensity for cooking large dinners for my roommates and doing things like constantly reorganizing the refrigerator and starting unrealistic gardening projects.  I thought SMJ had a better ring to it than "Domestica", my other household nickname.  Hope you agree...

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