Monday, March 22, 2010

Scenes from a Monday

Good morning.  I'm feeling rather flat today; like the human equivalent of a rock, just sitting, being.  I'm going to roll with that, as it is the first time in days that I haven't woken up and needed to start going at a dead run until my head hits the pillow again.  There was no cooking this weekend, just a lot of looking at Boston real estate.  This is quite an educational process, and one that requires more patience, good humor and vision than I ever thought possible.  We did see one little place that I can't get out of my head... I can actually see the husband outside the kitchen window grilling, with Baby J pulling out the grass in the yard by his side.  It is lovely to feel like there are potential places out there that might one day be Home.  It was a weekend for loving the GPS, soaking in the sun and the city, and eating too much sushi with good friends.  Now, it's a Monday for reflection. 
The gray sky and calm ocean have a melancholy feeling, but there are plenty of things to brighten the mood.
I'm enjoying two of my favorite things... strong coffee and pretty toes.  I've had the feet of a 100-year-old man lately, and can't tell you how lovely it is to look down and see little jewel-nails.  Ahhhh.... womanliness.
Also enjoying these gorgeous flowers in the kitchen.  They're brightening up the whole house.  Don't you love that curly green piece shooting out of the top?
And what brings joy moreso than good products? I have to share my new favorite for curly hair: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Makes you feel like you just spent a day frolicking at the beach, and now your hair has that tousled, wavy, salty feeling and you're about to go have a rum drink at sunset.  All that in one little bottle: not too shabby!
My mama cheffed up a big pot of lima beans to cure what ails us.  You know you are a grown up when you actually crave lima beans.
On the flip side, there are the endless piles of laundry that never seem to go away.  But at least folding warm, soft laundry on a cold day has some element of comfort, right?  Or am I just really reaching at this point?
Plus, with a helper this cute, who can complain?

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