Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cabin Fever --> Spring Fever

What can I say?  I want to write something clever and scintillating this morning, but the fact is this: I have been trapped in my house with my baby for going on 3 days, with very limited contact with the outside world, and I don't really have anything earth-shattering to share.  If I thought you would be interested in the details of me alternately lying on the floor letting the baby crawl all over me and poke me in the eyes, or obsessively checking my dog's flight to St. Louis, or even more obsessively pouring over the Boston Craigslist housing listings, all while wearing the same gray pair of Babson College sweatpants day in and day out, well, I could write a novel.   I could tell you about my work, or how I opened and closed the refrigerator 20 times yesterday considering whipping up something gourmet, but ultimately served Quorn Patties with barbecue sauce for dinner.  I could lament about hopping on the scale this morning, certain that all the running miles I logged last week would have finally put that elusive number back between the 1 and 0, but how I in fact weighed the EXACT same thing I weighed last week.  Argh!   Or, I could tell you about how Baby J and I may need to construct a boat and sail out of here if the water moves any closer towards our house.
However, all of those stories would show a very poor attitude, and I am bound and determined to keep it positive!  So, instead, I am going to cling to the hope that the weather guy wasn't lying when he promised only "scattered" showers this afternoon, and get us out of here before Baby J starts riding his tricycle around the house and seeing creepy twins (Shining reference, anyone?).
On the brighter side, the sun is supposed to return tomorrow, and then we are supposed to have weather in the 70s with bright sunshine this weekend.  So, I'm trying to stay focused on the spring fever instead of the cabin fever, and to that end, I am thinking about what might make the perfect mama uniform for the coming hot weather season.   I am thinking dresses in comfortable fabrics and forgiving cuts are going to be the secret to my success this summer, and there are many cute options out there.  Some of my favorites so far:
CP Shades Pema Dress (although obviously not in white... it comes in a lovely gray that I'm admiring)
Priced much more reasonably than the above and available in petite sizes is this Gap dress...intriguing.
And finally, the Patagonia Kamala dress, because I am always a sucker for the Patagucci.
What will your summer uniform be?

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