Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up

I think I've found my new favorite super-quick brekkie:
Yes, I am having a torrid love affair with toaster waffles.  I bought some to put into the breakfast rotation for the baby, and the smell of them toasting was so irresistable, I had to get in on the waffle love myself.  Some mornings, you need a good breakfast, but you don't even have time to scramble an egg.  These babies are in and out of the toaster in a flash, and with some good toppings, make a dreamy breakfast.  
I love these Nature's Path Organic Buckwheat Wildberry Waffles, and so does Baby J.  I topped one with a small amount of The Nutty Vermonter's Maple & Cinnamon Triple Nut Butter, which has almonds, cashews and pecans and is so amazing that it is definitely worth mail-ordering.  With a little raspberry jam, it was heavenly and ready in about 3 minutes flat. 

I needed a quickie breakfast to jump start this busy day ahead.  Today Baby J and I are going to run 4 miles, pick up some steaks to grill tonight as the temp here hits the mid-50s (woo hoo!), and work on creating a brochure for Vermont Law School's Energy Summer Program.  All in a day's work, people.
What are you fueling up for this fine hump day?


  1. Try the Fig with Flax from Nature's Path - also delicious.

    Thanks for links for brunch ideas - I love all of your extras for the bloody mary bar!

  2. This morning I had a slice of toasted double protein whole wheat bread with all natural chunky peanut butter....and black coffee. Seems like this has become my staple since I'm usually always short on time in the morning.

    I do love these toaster waffles and have often done that myself in the past. I think I'll grab a box when I'm at the store this'll be a nice change from the usual piece of toast. :-)

  3. sometimes we make our own toaster waffles and stow them in the freezer for the week ahead.

    it's good to be back!