Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Products from my Day

Happy Thursday!  It's a day for sharing the random and fabulous products that are making my day a little better.  Let's begin, shall we?
1) It seems I'm holding a bit of tension in my shoulders lately.  That, and my return to the roads after a 10-day rain-and-real-estate-induced running hiatus have my muscles really talking to me right now.  I've recently discovered Biofreeze and I LOVE IT.  Biofreeze is a Pain Relieving Spray made with natural menthol, Arnica, Calendula, Chamomile, Echinacea, Juniper Berry, and White Tea and lots of other natural and magical ingredients.  Spritz down with this stuff after your shower, and you feel like you've just had an amazing deep-tissue massage.  Biofreeze helps me recover from my runs more quickly and eases all my muscle tension.  Whether you are a stress-case, an athlete, or both, I reccommend you give this stuff a try.
2) We're flying our doggie out to Missouri next week to stay with his grandparents until we're a bit more settled (THANK YOU J & D!).   I had a long talk with our vet yesterday about how to soothe his nerves on the tarmac and in the cargo hold, and she assured me that Pet Calm would keep him feeling nice and mellow for the duration of his journey.  Apparently dogs drink more when they are nervous, so spiking his travel crate water bottle with some of this stuff should help him relax for the whole flight.  A few drops of Pet Calm and a half of a regular OTC Dramamine and our buddy will be cool as a cucumber.  Now I just need something for my nerves...
3) A salty din last night and a hurried, coffee'd morning sans water bottle have me feeling very dehydrated after my run.  My favorite natural sports drink for situations like this is coconut water, and this Zico Coconut Water with Mango is particularly yummy.  Some quick facts about coconut water:  it has five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat and no sugar added.  It leaves you with the refreshed and hydrated feeling you get after chugging a Gatorade, but without the sugary jitters, or the shame in having just drank something the color of anti-freeze.  Two thumbs up... feeling better already.
4) Finally, one of my favorite new mamas is about to go back to work and embark on her first adventures in daycare.  Her inquiry this morning reminded me of a great product to share: we love these BumpyName Orbit bottle labels from Inchbug.   They are dishwasher safe, fit snuggly on any bottle, provide a little grippiness when the babe is ready to hold his bevvie himself and, unlike sticker labels, these bands never fade, fall-off or leave a gummy residue.  I thought they were a great find, and figure they'll come in handy for years, moving from baby bottles to sippy cups to hockey game water bottles, until they are so blatantly uncool that Baby J "loses them" at school. One day at a time, Mama C: everything is going to go swimmingly, I promise!
What product is making your Thursday better?


  1. Ooooo, a SMJ shout out!! This just made my day. Bottle labels were ordered earlier today - thanks again for the recommendation! Altho' I was somewhat disappointed there wasn't enough room to request: "Property of Muirin Collins - Warning: Will Drink Until Passed Out." O well, perhaps it's for the best.

    And I'd like to 2nd your Biofreeze nod! First used it years ago, as recommended by my massage therapist. I have been hoarding the last of my lotion (yup, comes in lotion form too), but after your blog, I am inspired to just use it! My shoulders tell me it's time, thanks to a lovely 13lb. bebe in my arms.


  2. Good luck Doggie L. Safe travels. - Love Eddy