Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm facing down another week of deliquent blogger-hood.  I am just all over the place this week.
Places I've Been
1) Lost in Boston.  So lost in Boston.  Saying words I should never say in front of my child again on flipping roundabouts in the outer suburbs of Boston.
2) To Best Buy for a beautiful new Garmin GPS to ensure that I never say such words in front of my son again (at least in the car... I make no guarantees about what will happen next time I burn myself on a hot pan).  I've never had a GPS before and can't wait to take this baby for a spin.
3) To Starbucks for my favorite drink of the spring... a shaken iced Tazo Passion Tea.  Hibiscus-y and not too sweet.  Delish.  You must try.
4) To my favorite local running store where I got new kicks to help me train for my half-marathon in June!  My old shoes had way too many miles on them.  I can't believe the difference.  So excited!
5) Sitting in the rear entry hall of my parents' house (aka, the farthest possible place from the sleeping baby's room), simultaneously reorganizing my work bag (which the hub had commandeered as our on-the-go filing cabinet) for a trip up to my office in Vermont tomorrow, while leaving voicemails for friends I've owed calls for way too long who most likely hate me now.  Sorry, friends!
6) To the best Mexican joint around, with my cousin who is about to have a baby at any moment, her adorable 2-year-old daughter, and Baby J.  There were lots of quesadillas thrown on the floor, rounds of Old Macdonald sung, and the wonderful kind of random conversation that you squeeze in between dumping hot sauce on your salad and trying to stop your child from hurling himself out of his highchair and onto the cement floor.

Places I am Going
1) Vermont!  Tomorrow!  At 5am!
2) To my favorite espresso joint in Montpelier.  Can't get there fast enough.
3) To my office for the first time in six weeks.  Can't wait to see the running team! 
4) However, only popping in there briefly, en route to my next super fun stop: The Dentist.
5) After which I'll drive back to Maine.
 How cool is this Vermont nighttime driving shot from Flickr?  Love it.
6)  Back home in time to hit the pub to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite Irish gals!

Whew.  Suffice to say, you may not hear from me until the end of the week.  Till then, I'll be out on the road, heavily caffeinated and singing along to the Dixie Chicks.  Send me strength!


  1. you know what "the bitches" say about being "highly caffeinated".......

    jk Good luck SMJ!

    Send the boys my love

  2. I loved getting together for the quesadilla toss last night! Please have a St. Patty's day drink for me, you and I both deserve one!

  3. we will talk in person one of these days- I promise. Perhaps this evening on your trip back to Maine. Love and miss you and I am so happy you got a GPS- It is a saver.

  4. See Jane run. Run Jane run. See Jane go. Go Jane go. See Jane rock. Rock Jane rock.

  5. That tea sounds awesome! I wrote it down on my list of things to "do" this week. :)

    I finally did a review of Kombucha on my blog. Thanks again for the awesome prize!!!

  6. Thanks, ladies! I love all of your support and encouragment!