Friday, March 26, 2010

Urban Grotto

Moving from Vermont to Boston is going to be an adjustment in many ways, not the least of which is going from having massive front and back yards to a likely much smaller outdoor space.  A lot of the places we've been seeing have small yards or tiny balconies.  Rather than feeling discouraged by this, I'm actually feeling challenged and inspired.  I think of apartment buildings in European cities with plants hanging down from wrought iron balconies, and wonder what I could pull together for my own little urban grotto.
I love the idea of taking a very small space and making the most of it, with flowers, a cozy table for two, and great color.
Even in the most diminunitive spaces, a dedicated griller (aka, The Husband) will find a way to squeeze in a BBQ.  You can gain space with window boxes for flowers, and I love adding interest with quirky fixtures and beautiful plants. 
All photos below are from one of my favorite websites, Apartment Therapy
Creating an urban oasis calls upon the most resourceful and creative corners of my nesting-brain, and I can't wait to rally up some herb pots and glass lanterns and make a space feel like ours. 
Small is beautiful, simple and zen.
Right now, I'm daydreaming about sipping wine outdoors with my family in our very own grotto.
Now we just have to find it.
Care to come by for a drink?

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  1. yes I would love to come by for a drink! While you will miss ruralness, city living can be very environmentally friends and parks provide a place for lots of playing with other.

    I have no doubt you will take the city by storm. And I am so confused- are you guys looking to rent or buy right now. I feel so out of it. Need to catch up.