Thursday, October 1, 2009

Germs be gone

I've been wanting to do another recipe post all week, but truthfully haven't been cooking.  I've been a bit under the weather for a few weeks, and can't seem to get rid of a nagging cough/cold, despite a full scale assault I've launched with both traditional and non-traditional medicine.  I've been working through this malaise, and just can't seem to get my energy back, so the husband has been kind enough to feed me some of his specialties (rigatoni with meat sauce!  taco night!).  However, it seems really above and beyond to ask him to blog about his dinners, so more recipes will have to wait until this weekend when I'll hopefully have more energy to get back in the kitchen, and share some more cozy fall cooking ideas, of which I have no shortage (teaser: we have an apple tree in our backyard we plan to harvest soon, so brace yourself for apple butter/sauce/pie and more in the near future).  In the meantime,  what are your home remedies for knocking out a lingering sickness?  This is what I have been trying:

This last one is meant to represent a NASTY homeopathic tincture I got from our naturopathic doctor, which tastes like absolute rot.  It is a testament to how run down I am feeling that I am choking this stuff down no less than three times a day.  I will do anything to get my energy back at this point.  Please let me know if you have any ideas (other than flying to California for some needles from her, and spend a weekend convalescing here).  In the meantime, I can't get too down when priceless works of art such as this one greet me when I come home:

That's right, the little guy's first foray into finger painting.  How much do I love this?  The idea of a bunch of under-one-year-olds messing around in paint at daycare is enough to bring a smile to my face, and the finished product?  I am sorry, but I think it is just genius, and clearly a commentary on the change of seasons and the snow that is soon to come. Baby J, you are the next Picasso.


  1. Clearly, Little J is brilliant! :-) Loving your new blog Jane. Just thought I'd let you know. Also...I've gotten mine up and running again, posting my first recipes this weekend. Miss you, Love you.

  2. The above photos present all the ingredients for the Irish home remedy....except one! When in doubt, Hot Toddy.

    I'm determined to call my cold "allergies" until it goes away. The change in seasons always gets me.

    Feel better!

    PS Love the art fridge is bare, by the way.

  3. Hi Jane!
    Love the blog, as usual. When I'm sick, I like to make very strong ginger tea. I'm pretty sure you know that trick. Also, I know you know that eating tons of garlic, while stinky, usually works. But try this: put a raw clove of garlic in your mouth and let it just sit there for as long as you can stand it (a half hour or so). Then, discard that one and place a second one in your mouth and chew on it slightly for as long as you can stand it. Someone recommended this to me and swears by it. I have never done it, mostly because I'm not sure how to get the garlicky stench out of my breath, but if this is calling for rotty tinctures, then maybe you are desperate enough for the raw garlic remedy.
    Good luck! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  4. Thanks, chicks. I took a good old-fashioned sick day and slept the day away the other day and that seems to have helped a lot. If this rears its head again, I will be sucking on garlic and knocking back toddys for sure.