Friday, October 30, 2009


I had an early wake up call from the little man this morning, and then he went back to sleep, but I was awake for good.  What to do before sunrise at the start of a busy day?  Sip a little coffee, and peruse the internet for a few, just to get the brain warmed up.  I found myself on The Sartorialist, and this photo, from the streets of Milan, caught my eye.

There are so many things I love about this photo: her unapologetically make-up-free face, her practical yet chic and beautiful ballet flats, her earth-toned dress made stylish by the belted waist, the rolled up sleeves, and the different colored bracelets on both wrists.  I also love her cruiser bike with double wicker baskets, and wish I a) had one and b) lived in a flat enough city to do all my errands by bike (picturing myself huffing and puffing it up the steep hill to our house with full baskets of groceries... a call to 911 would be in order at the top).  Her easy style and relaxed shoulders appealed to me, and made me want to hop a plane to Italy.  I imagine sipping an espresso at a cafe with the husband, while the Italian grandmas of my dreams coo over Baby J.  Not such a bad daydream to kick start a busy day...
Happy Friday!

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