Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

Things just continue to be a busy blur at the moment.  There is lots and lots (and lots) of work stuff going for me, including many after-hours obligations, and ditto for the husband.  We have great friends coming to visit this weekend (yay!), and a crawling, solid-food eating little man keeping us on our toes.  Seems like there is just enough time to tackle the day's to do list and collapse in bed right now, which makes me think ahead to what I might like to do with some downtime when we get some again.  Just a few things...

I want to put together our jogging stroller, as the little guy is finally sturdy enough to ride in it.  I think he will love it, and it is perfect timing considering I think I can now officially say I am back to running.  I did three miles at lunch with my work gals yesterday and it was fab.u.lous.  Boy did I need those endorphins something fierce.  I can't wait to get the husband on the road again too.  We fell in love while training for a marathon, and really got to know eachother over all the miles we covered together during that time.  I can't wait to run as a family! 

I want to check out this yoga studio nearby.  Ready for a nice, sweaty bikram class, even if I can only make it once a month.  Love the name too!  Ha!

I want to make this Green Soup with Ginger recipe from Heidi Swanson. Nothing goes better with a health kick than cooking up recipes from 101 Cookbooks.  I just love her natural approach to cooking and the way she takes common vegetarian dishes and ups the flavor profiles until all of the ingredients sing.  Her cookbook, Super Natural Cooking, is one of my absolute favorites on my shelf.  I also want to make Smitten Kitchen's Jalapeño-Cheddar Scones to go with a big pot of my friend Brian's delicious chicken chili (recipe to come).

I need to give my iPod some love.  I have had the same playlists on there for 2 years, I am embarassed to say.  I loaded it for a trip to Mexico we took in December 2007 and it still has my "tanning mix" and "holiday tunes" on it.  Pathetic.  My friend who is coming this weekend has the iPod to end all iPods, and I must get all kinds of music from her!  Ray LaMontagne, vintage Bonnie Raitt, and her brilliant yoga mixes (she is an instructor with great taste in practice tunes) top my list if things I'd like to burn.  Prepare to surrender your iPod for downloadin', Mama S!

Finally, in my continued efforts to turn my home into a coffeehouse, I'd like to track down some proper cinnamon and cocoa shakers, so as to professionally accessorize my home-brewed lattes.  Yes, I am getting a little obsessed. Mostly, I just look forward to spending some QT with the husband. He's been amazing at carrying me through this busy time at work, and I'd like to return the favor.  It is almost time for snowy evenings by the fire, and I can't wait.   There are books to read and naps to take.  Who knew I could look forward to winter so much?

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