Monday, October 12, 2009


I am still bouncing back from a busy weekend this Monday.  Today was a good day to:
1) Make lots and lots of lists to help keep me straight during this busy season at work, and organize for the upcoming onslaught there.
2) Rub lots of this on the little guy's gums:
3) Run downtown and meet another mama for a quickie lunch of one of these:

And some oh so therapeutic mama-chatting.  I love The Skinny Pancake!  I had the Atlantic Monster: smoked salmon, baby spinach, spinach/artichoke spread and a local egg.  Delightful! What isn't good swaddled softly in a fluffy crepe?
4) Do a little thinking about flu shots and vaccines for infants and grow a few more gray hairs in the process.
5) Have leftovers for dinner, and set the DVR for the Rachel Zoe Project season finale.  Will Taylor stay or will she go? 

Pondering such fluffy questions is a pleasant respite from considering the H1N1 debacle and the apparent shortage of pediatric flu vaccine in Vermont. Is it possible for the family to just spend the winter in a hermetically sealed bubble?  If the bubble had Bravo TV and my full set of Le Creuset, I think I could be very happy there.


  1. you are hilarious. and adorable. i would like to crawl into that same there enough room?

  2. If only Peapod would deliver wine with the groceries... then we could live in a bubble in the winter!

  3. Couldn't hit the sack without checking to catch the latest SMJ entry. I face NE winters with an embrace and lots of layers. An old pair of snowshoes takes me out into the woods or along a snowy beach both of which I believe are free of all virus bugs.