Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This stuff rocks:

From a lovely little shop in the quaint and quiet hamlet of Woodstock, Vermont.  My mom really fancies their beautiful handmade soaps, and I recently stopped in to pick her up a massive bar.  Told to pick out a treat for myself on this errand, this baby caught my eye.  I love all things mint, and the energizing tingle they lend to your skin.  Lavender is soothing and calming, perfect both before bed, and at the start of a day that threatens to get the best of you.  Today was such a day, and I arrived home truly bedraggled from a very long one at the office.  After the little guy went down, I took a piping hot shower and then slathered on this stuff.  Ahhhhh.... delicious relaxation.  Time to hop in bed smelling like a day spa, do a little reading, and let the lavender lull me off to sleep.  I hate to post any competition for Lunaroma in the handmade VT aromatherapy category, but this one is a real winner. 

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