Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Mothership

Ahhh, Anthropologie.  I affectionately refer to this palace of whimsical home goods and cute togs as The Mothership.  As in, I belong there; as in, it calls me to it and I am powerless to resist.  Because I am a "save it for a rainy day" kinda gal, I have been sitting on a lovely gift certificate to The Mothership for over a year!  I've decided it is time to spend it, as I am feeling shop-ish, but should really keep my wallet under lock and key when it comes to Anthro.  So, I've got $100 to spend and that is that.  Being that I am a shopper who ponders, analyzes and ponders some more before a purchase, I have put some serious consideration into how to use this treat.  I have come up with the following:

The Pucker Up Cardigan in eggplant.  Looks cute and comfortable, an oh so practical for a nursing mom (access is key).  I need these kind of layers for work, so this would be rather practical. And I could fit in now and when (if) I shed the baby weight as well.

Beso V-neck in black.  On sale!  Looks to be just the flattering cut I need right now, and because it is on sale, I could also stock up on tights for the winter. Cute. Flirty. Fun.

I've been wanting a pair of trouser jeans for awhile, and these Daughters Of The Liberation Dark Denim High Waist Trousers come in on budget.  However, I fear that the pocket placement will not do my post-baby bod any favors + why buy jeans right now when I am in such an awkward post-baby bod phase?  And "High Waist"?  I am skeptical.  I am pretty short-waisted, and these could potential come right up below my chest depending on how high they actually are. Yet, they look so cute on the dummy and are very affordable.  Hmmm....

Or do I chuck the whole fashion thing, and put this baby towards one of their gorgeously jewel-hued quilts I've long coveted?  I think the Alhambra bedding is lovely enough to make our guests forget they're sleeping in a little boy's room (we are renting, and see no point in replacing the little-boy theme in the room we're using as a guest room on our dime. Peeling circus animal wallpaper border on yellow paint with turquoise trim it is! At least for now).  Seriously, how pretty is this...

Window-shopping and pondering what to buy are almost as fun as actually buying something :).  
In any case, what to do?  Thoughts?


  1. i vote for the eggplant cardigan! hale

  2. Definitely not the bedspread pretty though it may be - guests can't see it in the dark and in the light baby j snags the attention. :)

    I second the eggplant cardigan - you can belt it for another look and it can also do quadruple duty as a layer, a throw on, a statement, or a fall or spring coat over a light sweater.