Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today is my 33rd birthday.  I tend to get reflective on birthdays, pondering the year gone by, and looking forward to the future.  On this birthday, I am filled with gratitude.  I am so thankful for:
1. My beautiful, healthy baby boy, who started to crawl this week!  Go Baby J!
2. The love, support and humor of my adorable, hilarious, hard-working and multi-talented husband.
3. The kind of friends who have your phone buzzin' with birthday texts before you are even out of bed on your birthday morn, and who fill your mailbox with precious treats that are just what you love and need.
4. My family of origin, and all they are, and all they make me.
5. My health!  After a September packed with minor maladies, I am more grateful than ever that my body is usually healthy and strong, and I am seizing every non-sicky day!
6. Red-velvet cupcakes, which I special requested and the husband made for me (from scratch, no less), and which await me this evening.  God, he's good.
7. Sirius Satellite Radio, which makes my commute fly by.  Thank you, 24/7 Grateful Dead station + Oprah & Friends radio.  You make driving a pleasure (peak Vermont foliage isn't hurting anything either these days).
8.  The Red Sox making the playoffs.  Baby J went off to daycare in his Big Papi shirt in celebration. Go Sox!
9. Skype, which keeps Baby J connected with his grandparents, and makes me feel like my sister in Cali isn't quite so far away.
10. Good products.  'Nuff said.

Looking forward to the year to come, I want to set some goals for myself as well. 
In this 33rd year, I pledge to:
1. Go on more dates with my husband.
2. Keep a level head as I continue the adventure of raising Baby J.  It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and hype of everything from the swine flu scare to when/if/how to start signing with the baby to stressing over each and everything that goes in his mouth.  Bottom line: a calm mom is a happy mom, and a happy mom is the best mom.  Going to breathe and let the worry go and enjoy my boy!
3. Lose the baby weight, but be kind, gentle and patient with myself as I do so.
4. Keep making time and space for myself to write and be creative, in the form of this blog and other projects.
5. Get out in the woods more!  Hiking, camping, maybe even kayaking again.  I miss it all.  I need more of the wilderness in my life.
6. Continue to be grateful for all the gifts life is bringing me these days!

It is going to be a fabulous year!


  1. Happy Birthday, SMJ! Love the list, love the blog, and love YOU! Here's to a great year behind you and an even greater year ahead! Follow your bliss...

  2. Happy belated birthday, young lady!

  3. Not to be too mushy, but your insight and joy offer a respite for a worrying world. Your birthday goals are a present to the rest of us. Wishing you many more days like 10.8.09.