Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look Book

A fashionista I am not.  I don't have the time, money or geographical advantages necessary to get caught up in fashion these days, but I still love things like New York Magazine's Look Book and the little look books I see on great fashion-oriented blogs.  A new mom in Vermont I may be, but I am still a girl at heart.  Plus, fall always gives me that back-to-school feeling that just makes you itch for a makeover... a new little something to make you feel freshly put together again.  So, here's my own little VT mama Fall '09 look book, just for fun.

We have:
*At centerstage, the 7 for All Mankind Ginger Jean, recommended by the bananas-master herself. Ain't no jean wide enough indeed.  I love how dark and sophisticated these jeans look, great for work or play.
* On the left, the Me&Ro iolite teardrop earrings. So lovely. If I ever won the lottery, I think after taking care of all my responsibilities, I would go ahead and just buy one of everything from Me&Ro.  Their stuff is all so simple and beautiful, and very "Namaste, I'm just back from a yoga retreat and looking very zen chic and effortlessly earthly yet hip... would you like to see me do full lotus?"  Enviably gorgeous.
*Below, Frye Boots.  Campus 14L.  Frye, in my mind = timeless, classic, American style.  I imagine pairing their boots with almost anything makes you look like you've just stepped out of the pages of the Sundance Catalog (in a good way), or like you're just about to run off with some very inappropriate guy (also in a good way).  I have one pair of Fryes and have had them re-heeled twice, as I just wear them and wear them.  When they break in, they are as comfortable as being barefoot.  I'd like to think if I ever have a daughter, these are the kind of heirloom pieces she'd be stealing from my closet in 20 years.
*On the right, the oversized and delicious scarf and sassy little sweater combo from White + Warren, purveyors of simple cashmere loveliness, looks like a little slice of winter heaven to me.  I love the idea of just being swaddled in cashmere, and how the model's face seems to say, "I'm so comfortable, I can dare to be this smug."  Also, my fashion guru friend Vicky always recommends "a little pop of color", and I think this pair does the job beautifully.
*And last but not least, the Patagonia Micro D-Luxe 1/4 Zip top.  Because you can take the girl out of Vermont, but you can't take Vermont out of the girl, and I will always, always be a Patagonia junkie.  You have to stay warm somehow.


  1. Great list, I have some similar boots and I absolutely live in them.

  2. I'll take one of each, please.