Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Friday: Sparkly, Soothing, Sweet Edition

This has been a grueling little week involving: aforementioned long solo drives and house hunting adventures with my wee toddler, business travel for the hubs (exhausting for all involved... hats off to all parents who go it alone for any amount of time... I deeply and wholly salute your bravery and fortitude), a small bout of food poisoning for me, bad weather, a sick dog, and just general mayhem.  I am happy to bid this week adieu, and with it, farewell to my nemesis, the month of March (thank you for my new nephew, March, and the rest of you I could have done without!  Begone!).  Mentally, I'm toast, and so I devote this Random Friday to pretty, sparkly, pampering type items that are pleasing to the eye or palette and not much else.  Turn off your brain this fine Friday, and enjoy some eye candy on me.  Here's to a fresh, new week come Monday.
Happy Weekend!
Alexis Russell Rough Diamond Earrings -- love these!
Stumptown Mocha, come to mama
Cinque Terre, Italy - I'm relaxed just imagining sipping a glass of wine with the husband on one of those balconies
Tazo Passion Tea - hot or iced, I can't get enough
L'huile de Grace from Le Sanctuaire in San Francisco - simply the best skin potion ever
Blue Aquamarine Gold Necklace from Friedasophie
Multi Tourmaline Necklace, also from Friedasophie - so many great finds in this Etsy shop, and many for under $50! Check it out.
Slutty Brownies!  You heard me.

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