Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In Good Company

Have you ever heard of Rikshaw Design?  The company imports hand-block printed fabrics from Jaipur, India, "for your bohemian life."  Needless to say, I love every piece I've ever seen from them, as it all dovetails perfectly with my own eclectic, hippie-tinted aesthetic.  They primarily specialize in nursery bedding, but also have a small line of both children's and women's clothing.  I'd take one of everything.
Goa Collection Bedding
Woman's Kurta
Now it looks like Rikshaw is partnering with J.Crew's Crewcuts children's line as part of J.Crew's "In Good Company" program.  The Rikshaw for Crewcuts line is just too much.
Baby Kurta
Baby Bloomers
Checking out this new line lead me to peruse the whole "In Good Company" category, where I continued to find the best little stuff. The little boys' footwear kind of kills me...
Classic Vans, anyone?
He already acts like a tiny Spiccoli... why not dress him like one?
These Gazelles take me right back to high school.
I love seeing what comes from the minds of creative designers.  And of course there is nothing better than fantastic style shrunken down to tiny sizes.  I can't wait to watch my little guy's personal style develop (he already seems to have a penchant for henley shirts for some unknown reason), but until it does fully, dressing him up in our own classic favorites is the best.

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