Monday, March 19, 2012

Double Duty Dress

I'm aware I'm in danger of beginning to sound like a Patagonia add, but I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you this sweet little gem of a fashion find I discovered there this weekend.  Normally, I'm pretty skeptical of two-in-one clothing concepts. What makes a cute tube top may not-so-much a cute skirt make, and why not get just one really good thing instead of trying to force a single item of a clothing to be something it is not?  This is my usual philosophy, but the Kamala Skirt/Dress has changed my mind.  Check it out:
It's a sweet halter dress with a pretty gathered bust.
And a functional maxi skirt with a sassy little tie at the waist.
Win and win!

I can see the brilliance in a piece like this, especially for traveling.  We're headed out on a family beach vacation in June, and I'm already pondering how to not be the psychopaths who show up with ten times our body weight in luggage (with children, this is an easy trap to fall into, and we're determined to do better!).  Lightweight, versatile pieces like this one that can be worn on multiple days to multiple occasions are a good first step in traveling more lightly.  

Beyond the obvious suitcase benefits, the Kamala is sartorial gold even here at home, as I love that it could be worn with some little wedges and fun jewelry as a cute sundress for a date, but just as easily as a skirt with a hoody and some flops on an early morning coffee run.  The lightweight jersey fabric is flowing, comfortable and forgiving, and this spring the skirt/dress comes in some really adorable patterns as well as a basic black which would really be the ultimate in travel genius (bring on the toddler spills, wine spots, coffee missteps and not-so-clean airplane seats).  

And I said it before but I'll say it again... Patagonia makes their clothing virtually indestructible. And that is why this active, toddler toting klutz loves them so.  As the winter melts into spring, consider adding this perfect piece to your spring-into-summer wardrobe.  It has made me a believer!


  1. Filched a Garnet Hill catalog from the recycling in the Post Office today! Seriously thought of you all the way through it!

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