Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sundress Day

People, it is 70 glorious degrees outside in Boston today.  Do you know what this means to me? As a cold weather hater who has accepted her odd fate to dwell in New England, this exceptionally mild winter has been a great gift to me.  Even though we haven't had snow, however, we've had our share of gray and bitter days; in fact, it was just 48 hours ago on Tuesday that both the little man and I were rather under the weather and it was 25 degrees and blustery out and I was feeling so homicidally housebound that I dragged us both to the zoo just so we could hunker in the tropical rainforest house and try to relax a bit.  Whew.  Not pretty.

That is why days like today are such a supremely wonderful phenomenon in my life.  The sun beats down and warms your pale, pasty skin, the little crocuses start pushing up out of the dirt assuring you that spring is near, your shoulders relax, and everywhere there is joy and hope.  Certain dudes in my life refer to this incredible first warm and sunny day of the season as Sundress Day.  After a long and brutal winter of women being swaddled top to bottom in down, wool and fleece, we shed our layers and venture out in our favorite cool and breezy cotton, savoring that incomparable feeling of a dress blowing casually around your legs.  Today is admittedly a little premature to be called Sundress Day... there is still a crisp breeze blowing, and as soon as the sun goes down it's going to be nippy out there... but today's warmth brings the promise that true Sundress Day is just around the corner, and here are some of the ones I've been admiring...
Organic Cotton Señorita Dress, Athleta
Tile Burst Maxi Dress, Anthropologie
Splendid Striped Scoopneck Dress via Piperlime
Keely Mini Dress, Gypsy 05
Kimono Dress, Gaiam
Suffice to say, I'm ready for Sundress Day.
The countdown is on...

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  1. Oooooh...SMJ, I can totally see you in the Keely Dress! The Señorita dress too. All of them in fact. Nice picks.