Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Friday

Love this:
My poster is the centerpiece of my kitchen and my touchstone in my crazy days.  I thought this simple explanation of its origin was touching and beautiful.

Are you looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Look no further.

The little man and I made these from Smitten Kitchen yesterday, and they are the chocolate chip cookie ideal, a little crunchy, a little chewy, a touch salty: basically just cookie perfection.

Have you not worn leggings since 1992 but would like to reintegrate them into your current adult-style wardrobe?  That was the case for me, and I kind of didn't know where to begin.  
Luckily, I have a fabulous Boston stylist to call upon in these situations, and Stilista's Marisa put up a blog post on how to style leggings like a grown up just for little ole me.  Thank you, Marisa!  Her advice is pure gold!  Check it out!

The health food world is all abuzz about this stuff:
I'm on a mission to hunt some down and report back.  Stay tuned.

I've got a huge hankering for barbecue, and am going to make Ina's Maple Baked Beans this weekend while the husband slow smokes something on the grill.
These are without fail the best beans ever.  What's on your to cook list this weekend?

Finally, I am over the moon from becoming an aunt this week!  Just to clarify for my extended family who read this site and might be wondering what's up, my two actual sisters-by-blood remain well-rested and child-free at the moment, but my sister-from-another-mister/lifelong partner in crime/bestie since high school had her first baby this week, and I have truly never felt my heart so full with love, pride and adoration.  This aunt gig promises to be pretty special.   Wow.  Mazel tov to Mama S, Papa J and our beautiful new little man AJ!  Life is good!


  1. I'm on board with the leggings...but have yet to buy them! My bff swears by the ones from Spanx, although pricey, they are opaque and generally help with any sort of "body issues" one may have. I trust her on this one, thought I would pass along the info. If you find a great pair, let us know! Not sure about what we are cooking this weekend, but I might have to do some good old corned beef & cabbage to appease this Irish couple. :-) Much Love!

  2. Thanks for the cookie recipe! VERY eager to try. :)

    I also saw the Keep Calm vid and thought of you immediately! Glad you got a hold of it too.