Friday, January 27, 2012

Mama Ring

In my world, it seems like everyone and their sister is pregnant right now (something to do with being in my mid-thirties, perhaps?).  I love seeing all the newly popped little bellies, as well as the gorgeously huge round ones.  I love vicariously discovering all the new doodads and contraptions that have been invented even in the last 3 years since little J's birth (a least one killer new kind of a baby carrier and some serious advances in convertible cribs come to mind).  And I love all the ways we can pamper and fete the mamas-to-be among us as they do this physically grueling work of perpetuating our species.

And this, my friends, brings us to the fraught and controversial topic of the "push present".  A push present, for the uninitiated, is a gift given to a new mama by the father of her child shortly after the birth as a subtle way of saying, "Hey, thanks, babe, for pushing (or otherwise expelling) our child out of your body.  That looked kinda rough.  Here are some earrings, since the only pain I had to endure was that of you crushing all of the bones in both of my hands during your contractions.  You rock."
In our era of conspicuous consumption, this is a tradition that has spiraled a little out of control, as evidenced by this 10-karat monstrosity famously received by Rachel Zoe after her strangely weight-gain-free pregnancy.
image via Glamour Mag
While I find something odd about spending approximately four to five college tuitions on such a gift (a la Rodger Berman, above), I do love the idea of a special, sentimental something being given to a new mama from the new papa.  And jewelry is always a safe bet, as it fits no matter your size, and is such an inherently sentimental thing in and of itself.

The time right after giving birth is a physically and emotionally rigorous one.  You're dealing with severe sleep deprivation, your boobs being someone's sole food source, and a litany of pains and discomforts ranging from night sweats to sore nips to things are that are just unmentionable on this weblog.  And while some women claim to have never before felt more beautiful than during that time after giving birth, I myself felt somewhat haggard, mush-bellied and intermittently sobby, even while sporting that new mama pride and glow.  I can't think of a more perfect time to receive something that says, "you are special, I am proud of you, and here is something beautiful for someone who deserves to be adorned."  This trinket needn't be major, or over-the-top expensive, or fancy or otherwise Rachel Zoe-esque; it only needs to be simple, from the heart, and given with gratitude and love.  And I think I have the perfect thing...
St. Kilda Lil' Mama Ring
I've posted this ring before, but recently came across it and fell in love all over again.  The ring is delicate, sweet, and sentimental without being overly precious. It comes in a variety of metals from sterling silver to gold to platinum and is available with or without a tiny diamond set in the side, so the Lil' Mama ring can suit almost every price range.  And I truly think almost every mama would adore this ring; proven by the fact I pinned it on Pinterest the other day, and within 15 minutes it had been liked 24 times and re-pinned 84 times as everything from a wish list item to a mother's day gift for someone's own mom. Ha!  I love it!  I also love how it is thin and delicate enough that it could be the foundation of or addition to a sentimental "stack"...
via Simple Lovely, who talks about collecting a stack of meaningful rings here
More than anything, this post is born from the awe and love I feel for all the mamas around me right now.  Whether they are at the beginning of their journey (tired and trying to figure what they can and can't eat), nearing the end (a certain someone on the hunt for an organic crib mattress this week, I'm talking to you, you gorgeous goddess) or on the night shift doing 2am feedings and still having a smile and a joke in the morning, you all inspire me and make me proud to be among your mama ranks.  And grandma and nana, you are the original inspirations, and I love you and am grateful for you. I'd like to place a ring on each and every one of your hard working fingers!  Here's to the mamas!  xoxo


  1. I love this ring! Although I'm not a mama yet but it is so cute...and I love the idea of stacking it with other rings. I'll have to keep this in mind for when I finally do end up preggo. ha!

  2. I loved this ring the first time you posted it, and am so glad you posted about it (and the greater theme of birth appreciation) again because I forgot just how _much_ I love this ring.

    Subtly dropping this post in front of the hubs in 3... 2... 1...

    Btw, am 30 weeks pregnant now & doing fat and fabulous. :)

  3. I love you Mama J!!! And I too loved this ring the first time, and am so excited to see it again just to have a reason to say, "Hey papa, remember this amazing sweet ring??". He of course did not, but now he does, so thank you.
    Feel good, Courtney, I am right there with you- 32 weeks and contemplating pancakes for lunch.

    1. Pancakes for lunch, hmmm... that is to say, mmm!... I like how your mind works!

  4. Ladies, might I suggest just casually leaving this browser window up on the home computer? ;)
    Love to all of you and your bellies!

  5. Hey ladies! LOVE this post - made me cry (shocking). Keith gave me a beautiful, simple ring with Roen's birth stone. I wear it EVERY DAY and love it. It makes me smile and visualize Roen's sweet face every time I look at it, and reminds me of my thoughtful, loving, appreciative husband. Thinking of all my pregnant goddess ladies!

    Here's the ring:

    1. Oh, Keith, you are a good, good egg.
      Thanks for the comment, Kel - love you and miss you!