Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year by the Numbers

2 flights
2 drives
2 countries
4 states
16 hours in the car
20 loads of laundry
1 unintended, but much needed, break from the world of the internet
4 days hosting my lovely sister
4 days visiting my in-laws in St. Louis
3 days back home to visit with family in from Ohio then
4 days in Quebec with dear old friends to ring in 2012 on a frozen lake
2, 228 listens to "Wheels on the Bus" on the ride to Quebec
3 times the husband and I have sworn that we never want to hear "Wheels on the Bus" again
18 pounds of wine, chocolate, cheese and bread consumed
1 beautiful, hilarious, whirlwind holiday season
The little man with "Santa" at the Southwest Terminal at Logan.  Well played, Southwest.
My in-laws' stunning tree.  They never fail to blow my mind with their Christmas tidings. 
Pure, unparalleled Christmas glee on his new "motorcycle".
Romping in the woods in Canada.
Lake Louisa, Quebec... the happiest place on Earth.
Loving Canada and our time away.  Glee all around.
I'd like to say that I return from my holiday refreshed and renewed, but that would be a lie!  I actually feel like I have had every bit of fun I have had in the last two weeks, head to toe.  I'm looking forward to settling in here at home, returning to our usual routine, and bringing in a bit of health and grounding to round out all the heady revelry of late.  2012 has already been filled with so much happy news from family and friends that I can't help but feel like something special is in the air.  So, I plan to ease into this new year rather than take it by storm.  Instead of bounding in with resolutions that are made to be broken, I just want to take the best care of myself and my family, be a little easier on myself, and continue to let the joy rise all around me.
I have big plans for this little blog this year, and hope you'll stick with me for the ride!
Lots of love and cheers to a glorious new year,


  1. I take full responsibility for that Wheels on the Bus business.... :) So glad you are back! I was having withdrawals. Happy New Year, SMJ!

  2. Great start to the new year! Couldn't have wished anything more than to ring in 2012 with you guys. Looking forward to what SMJ has in store for us this year! Keep up the phenomenal work.