Monday, January 23, 2012

Long Hair Love

Getting a haircut has been on my to do list for about a month now, but lately I've seen some photos that make me think that I'm going to scratch it right off and hold out for awhile.
via The Sartorialist
via Sous Style
via The Goodwin Project
With no office job to report to these days, I'm asking myself if I actually need to dutifully schedule my quarterly trim.  Why not embrace my true inner hippie and let the long hair flow for awhile?  This is how I used to roll...
SMJ circa early 90s... holy shnoikes, how was that twenty years ago?  Shocking.
And more and more it seems like women of my current age are pulling off the long locks with lots of style and sophistication (see above).  I think the key is to keep your hair as healthy as possible, to avoid the dry and droopy look that long hair is prone too when you let it go too natural.  These are some of my favorite products for taking the best possible care of long, flowing curls...
curl cures
So, I think I'm going for it (if only because scheduling a hair appointment/babysitter/etc. is too much for my mid-winter self to want to accomplish at the moment)... the path of least resistance can be beautiful, and everything that's old is new again.  My goal is to rock the hippie hair with a polished mid-thirties style this winter.  And if that doesn't work, there's always my favorite hat.


  1. SMJ!! You did it again. I was JUST debating 'do I cut it off, or keep it long?!'. I don't really want to cut it off, but it definitely needs some kind of trim and new shape, plus my hair has been looking extra frazzled this winter (= dry). So I was tempted just to have it hacked.

    But after reading this yet-again super-timely blog, I've decided to hang in there with my beloved, temporarily ragged hair. And to schedule that appointment for a hair tune up sometime in the next month or so. :)

    Oh, and I concur... your photo is, in a word, hawt. Like, seriously sexy hot. You rock it, girl!!

  2. Ugh. My hair is not happy these days. It was long, luscious, and vibrant when I was pregnant, and now it's thinning, frizzy, and stringy. I do not know what to do! BUT, I am going to try some of your recommended products, because I would love for my curly locks to resemble yours, SMJ! xo

  3. The only difference between that photo and now is the tan and longer hair, SMJ. And maybe those cute glasses you sport now.

  4. Kel - the hair situation gets so much better. I lost a ton of hair after J was born, but then eventually things normalized. Give it some time, give your mane lots of moisture, and it will bounce back even better than before... I promise!

    AMK - God Bless You, seriously.