Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wall Letters

Now that we've got clothes in closets, knives in knife blocks and at least some of the books on bookshelves, it's time to move on to some of the more fun elements of making our house home...nesting, decorating, beautifying... making this place ours.  The longer I live in the rooms here, the more ideas I have of what I'd like to do to make them prettier.  One thing I am a tad obsessed with for the baby's room are wall letters.
Did you watch 9 by Design on Bravo this spring?  Not surprisingly, I did, and I developed a huge girl-crush on Cortney Novogratz (gorgeous, calm mother of 7, with serious style...LOVE her) and a lust for their eclectic-chic design esthetic.  The photo above is from their dining area.  They found different letter prints and had them framed in lightboxes to spell "family."  I love the colorful pop and point of interest they provide on the gray wall.  And  you often see letters employed in childrens room design... seen here with this lovely selection from Pottery Barn Kids. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with old PBK.  I love some of their thematic decorating ideas (I am particularly smitten with their little boys' surfer room), but I hate their prices, and think that sometimes they take the matchiness to a bit of an extreme beyond what I can stomach.  But, I love the idea of wall letters, and of spelling lil' J's name out on the wall above his dresser.  There's just a big, long, empty space there, and he is so into words and reading that I think it would be a fun way to translate that into our decor.   But, I feel that little Tristan's letters are a bit austere.  What to do? Enter one of my favorite design websites Apartment Therapy Ohdeeoh:
I LOVE this fun wall of eclectic letters!  Novogratz meets PBK meets SMJ!  We don't have wall real estate for a whole alphabet, but I think finding his name in quirky letters would be a great little scavenger hunt and fun way to eventually personalize his room.  Care to join me?  If in your greater New England or interweb adventures, you happen to encounter a very cool J, H, D, A and/or U (word scramble time! AND scavenger hunt!  How fun am I this morning?), please drop me a line and let me know!  I am on the hunt and am not afraid to get crafty with a paint brush!
What's your favorite eclectic, affordable room decorating trick?


  1. I love letters. I have a ripped out picture from Domino of a kid's room in which there were painted letters on one wall in all different scripts and colors- similar to your shot above. I am not too handy with the paintbrush so the inspirational magazine page has remained in the folder with all of the other projects I would love to tackle. We have the Viva Terra Grow and Dream words above J's closet doors and I love them.!stmenu_template.main?
    Noticed they also have these puffy lovelies at a much better price than Anthropologie.!stmenu_template.main?

    Hope you are settling in well!

  2. I think you should paint! Painting is fun and potentially cost effective. And nothing beats that feeling of personal accomplishment when you're finished and can look at your own work.
    Letters, while they are cool, collect dust and become one more thing to pack and move next time.