Friday, July 30, 2010

That blessed union, that dream within a dream

What makes it work?
Patience.  Humor. Friendship. Teamwork. Traditions. Room to grow and change. The ability to laugh at life's imperfections. Freedom to be yourself. And good food never hurt anything either.
Happy 5th Anniversary, B!
I'm off to prepare for a weekend of celebration, which includes the pièce de résistance, tickets to see the Red Sox tomorrow!  Because what, I ask you, is more romantic than thousands of screaming fans at Fenway Park?  When you live in Boston, not much.
Go marriage!  Go Sox!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Can't wait until next fall when I'm an old married lady too! :-) Loved seeing a pic from the wedding. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary Guys. 5 Years. Time is a flying. Love you all.

  3. WOW! 5 years. You two (three) are the BEST!!! I'm showing your blog to my friend who just moved to JP--you'll love them!