Friday, February 26, 2010


Peeps, I'm about to go off the radar for a few.  New England has been hit by a crazy storm, and there is no power in Maine and probably won't be for days.  There are downed trees and power lines everywhere, stop lights aren't working, businesses are closed, and it is more or less a total debacle. 
We made a game-time decision to head back to Vermont where there is power and heat, but, oh yeah, also about 2 feet of snow.  Now we've got a fun-filled weekend of packing and dealing ahead of us, which should help us forget that fact that come Sunday, we still probably won't have power to return to in Maine.  In the meantime, the Baby is howling his head off trying to get to sleep because he is wondering where the heck we are, and the hub and I haven't showered since yesterday because no power=no water.  Why do we live in New England again?  Red Sox, hear me now: you'd better have one stellar season to make up for all this.  In any case, things are going to be a bit off for the next few days.  Please send me patience and strength.  I am off to pour a second glass of wine.  I'll report back when we land back in one piece.  Enjoy your electricity this weekend, my friends; it is a precious, precious thing.

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  1. A note from a Mainer: When a crisis or an inconvenience hits, I turn to two paths. One I like to vacuum. It makes me feel calm. No power also equals no vacuum, so instead we picked up all the twigs and branches around the house, raked our entire lawn, pulled some very dead plants out of pots, and swept the steps. Then we headed back to our friend and saviour who has power. Her power is not just electrical, but more importantly gracious and welcoming. The other path I take is to compare myself to people who have a worse crisis than I do. I've been told this isn't really helpful to some people, but it really helps me. I'm still praying for the people of Haiti, and now I've added Chile in there. My goal is not to forget these people when our crisis if over.