Friday, February 12, 2010


Happy Friday!
I used the Random Integer Generator at to pick a Kombucha winner...
TeriLyn has some GT's freebies coming her way!
TeriLyn, send your info to and I will pop those right in the mail for you.

It's a big weekend at Casa SMJ (or virtual, roaming Casa SMJ, as it were):  we get to hang with some good friends on Saturday night, I'll see both of my sisters (such a rare treat), there could be a Vermont run in the cards for some crucial items we forgot last weekend (kicking ourselves repeatedly), and most importantly, it is the husband's birthday!  Happy Birthday, B! Given our nomadic lifestyle's not lending itself to baking projects + finally being in a place where there are actual trendy cupcake shops, I am thinking we need to hit one up and get him some birthday goodness.  Hoping to cook him something special for dinner, but I see no harm in cheating and taking out dessert.  Especially when it looks this good, and especially when red velvet cupcakes are an option.  Oh, yes.  Cream cheese frosting, you will be mine.

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  1. YAY!!! I'm so excited! I just emailed you. :)