Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sanity Saving

Sorry peeps.  I just don't have a lot of blog brilliance for you this week.  I am feeling a tad worked over.  I had a big allergy attack the other day, took too much medicine to fight it, and have felt kind of woozy and queasy ever since.  I miss the husband.  I have a big event at work this week.  We have to pack up most of our worldly possessions this weekend and that feels somewhat daunting.  I am tired of eating the dregs of the freezer.  I need a nap.  In this state, you can either go to the bad place, or focus on the positive.  I choose the latter, as among all these pitfalls to my week, there are so many things saving my sanity for which I am incredibly grateful.  Namely:
A perfect latte this morning (and how cool is this latte art?)
My mother-in-law, who has come to our rescue this week and is single-handedly keeping Baby J happy and me calm, cool and collected.  Thank you, MIL!
 She also has gotten me a supply of quality vino and Shelburne Farms Cheddar which combine to make a great stress reliever.
I am also grateful for the sunshine.  Even when it is 20 degrees out, if that bright ball is lighting up the sky, life just seems more manageable, doesn't it?
In my ideal world I would end this day by:
Getting a massage
Taking a really long bath
And ordering too much sushi
Alas, I will be working till late this evening, but at least I have my wing women to keep me company.  Sometimes, it is the little things that make all the difference.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, sweet cheeks! I'd love love love to get you on my table. You'll have to settle for cyber rub downs and smoochies though. But, as soon as the last box is unpacked....well, anything is possible! :)

    Hang in there and do stay positive. Transitions are tough, but soon you'll be kicking back in Beantown! ALMOST as cool as P-town.

    xx Ang

  2. You'll get there, Janey! You've got a great attitude and fabulous wing-women all around. And one in particular who wouldn't mind partaking in "ordering too much sushi" with you soon:)

  3. I really need a pretty latte now!!

  4. I love latte art!