Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sorry I've gone missing for a bit.  I've been right in the thick of the busiest part of this relocation project.  First, we had the mass exodus from Vermont to Maine.  Then, a brief but fabulous stint of housesitting in Boston.  Finally, we returned to Maine to settle in for the duration.  In the midst of all of this, the husband zipped up and back to Vermont in a flash to fetch forgotten documents and deal with miscellaneous moving related errands.  And me?  I had some magic to work.
Turning this:
Into this:
Turning this:
Into this:
Turning this (Mom's beautiful pottery bound to be turned into shards by curious baby hands):
Into this (totally baby friendly play area...artful aesthetic make room for stuffed lobster and football!):
We also had to deal with some of this:
Hang out with this guy:
And continue our faithfiul and joyful patronage of the Beach Pea Baking Company:
Say hello to my new fave:
Marinated baked tofu with Nappa cabbage, carrot slaw, cucumber & soy-miso dressing on baguette.
Besides all of this driving around New England, packing and unpacking and eating amazing sandwiches, I've also been doing such things as hanging out with my sisters, making enchiladas, running an unfathomable number of errands, working, shoveling snow, pondering the Boston real estate market, and celebrating the husband's birthday.  Whew.  Now we seem to be just about settled in to our new/temporary home, and I expect life to become far more routine next week.  I'll stop doing things like forgetting to give the baby his afternoon bottle, and start doing things like cooking delicious meals for my fam and blogging about them.  I'm very much looking forward to completing this exhale and starting the new normal.  Stay tuned!


  1. The sandwich looks amazing! It is feeling very vermontish here right now. The news said that we are 21 inches over average for snowfall for the month of February, and there is still a week and a half left. keep up the awesome posts, the little guy looks great.

  2. love the transformation and what you did with your temp. digs. Looks amazing. When things settle down give me a call. Hope you guys enjoyed B's B-day. Keep the love and updates coming- it makes me feel like I know what is going on and I need that!

  3. Love the Before & After pictures - brilliant! And my heart still melts when I see LM. <3