Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pura Vida

It is cold, blustery and rainy here today; a perfect time to dream of warmer places and times.  When it comes to travel daydreams, mine are somewhat endless.  Just the places I want to sneak off to with the husband alone could take a lifetime of frequent-flyer miles: Paris, the Amalfi Coast, Railay Beach in Thailand, Bali, Brasil, Anguilla and British Columbia all rank high on the list.  My father has spent a lot of time in Japan, and I'd love for our whole family to take a trip there with him as a guide (said trip would involve a criminal amount of sushi).  With our friends, I'd love to head to Mexico for a beachy, lazy kid-fest of a vacation: deep-sea fishing for the husband, sandcastles with Baby J and fish tacos and margaritas for the whole crew.  But today, I can't stop thinking about a chick vacation; namely one to Costa Rica. 
I'm pretty much the only person I know who hasn't been to Costa Rica and I am dying to check it out.  Awhile back, I was flipping through a magazine and saw the most perfect looking place to retreat with a bunch of my girls in this tropical paradise, and it will remain nestled in the back of my mind until I can one day make this trip a reality:
Pura Vida Adventures is a surf and yoga retreat for women in Malpais on the Pacfic Coast of Costa Rica. 
In the words of my girl Rachel Zoe, "I die."
Can you even imagine?
A typical day there involves yoga, breakfast and surf instruction in the morning, lunch and free time in the afternoon, and a sunset surf session, followed by an evening out.  Rinse and repeat.  In my daydream, the husband, boy and I would fly down there, meet up with friends, and get the menfolk situated in some jungle outpost a stone's throw away.  I'd then abscond with the ladies for a week of surf camp, after which we'd return to the fellas all limber and surf Betty'd out, ready to commence Costa Rican week two, wherein we'd continue to surf all day, showing off our mad skills that we had picked up between asanas and mojitos over at Pura Vida. 
This trip would also involve ridiculous amounts of Costa Rican coffee, fresh fish, and a deep, dark tan.
It's my daydream and I don't have to wear sunscreen in it!
Truth be told, I'm actually pretty happy to be hunkered down in Maine right now, even with this storm blowing away outside.  Still, I love to dream of the travels in our future and keep the wanderlust alive!
What's your dream getaway?


  1. Don't worry Jane...I've never been to Costa Rica either. So you're not alone. But if you ever wanted to do this...You know how to reach me! :-)

  2. I have been dreaming of that exact vacay as well Surfing+yoga+SMJ=HEAVEN.

  3. Jane,

    my vaca dreams consists of blue green water, tan skin, fruity drinks, hair gone natural curls, big sunglasses, TCS, fresh fish, and beach music (no cell, no email, no, no stress)

    I have a photo ripped out of a travel mag hanging right next to my computer of a dark haired hot bod lying in a hammock that’s tied up on the beach of a Caribbean island.....LOST style. You can find it on yesterday’s post as well…..


  4. Jane -
    Let me know when you get away and I can send some good recs of Mal Pais. Went there on our honeymoon two years ago and LOVED it. Here is where we stayed -
    They have a chef in house so you can radio up from your villa and have a fresh breakfast (think homemade crepes and incredible fruit) delivered to your balcony. Chef (at least then) was also available for 5 course dinner catered to your tastes....such a treat and so worth it.

    And to feed your fish taco desires - this was a really yummy place we walked to for dinner several nights -

    Ahhhhh costa rica!!!!!!!!!


  5. I'm sorry it took me so long to follow you back over here because I have to tell you, reading your blog I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts out loud! Your description alone (minus the VT part...I'm in NY) is 100% me. And count yourself as the second person who's never been to Costa Rica...I'm right there with you! I actually did a Costa Rica post yesterday (again, get out of my brain!), and can tell you that the Pura Vida resort in Georgia was amazing, so I can only imagine how it would be in CR. Great post!

  6. I can't believe we still haven't taken a honeymoon! Since the gym is out of power and there is too much snow outside for a run i am sitting here being inspired by all of your ideas, we need a vacay!!

  7. O.M.G. This just became my new vacay daydream. Though I have to say I am enjoying the 60 degree weather down here in Georgia. I just missed the storms in VT, Syracuse, and Buffalo by a day each! Thinking of you, and hoping you can make a productive weekend out of it.