Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dream Nesting

We are in full-on transition mode.  I am cooking for one this week, and trying to eat the last of the things in our freezer, so unless you are interested in hearing about different ways to eat Quorn patties or re-purpose vegetable soup, this is not my best week for recipes.  I am also about to be without a home of my own for a bit, but also on the brink of (hopefully) finding a great new home where we can sink in some roots (finally).  This means that in my down moments, all I can fantasize about is finding a beautiful space and making it ours.  I can't wait to move into a place where I know we'll stay for a bit, and pour a ton of love into it.  What better way to fuel these daydreams than the awesome shelter sites of the interwebs?  These are the visions dancing in my head:

I found most of these images on the fabulous blog you are my fave


  1. ::sigh:: I <3 these too Jane. xoxo

  2. I just tried Quorn for the first time, I can't believe it's not chicken!

  3. Two questions: 1. Can I move into this imaginary house you've cobbled together in the photos above? 2. If not, can you cobble something like this together for me in real life when it's time for us to settle down?