Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yo Baby!

I interrupt my raw food detox coverage today to bring you an awesome giveaway from none other than Stonyfield Farm, one of our favorite companies ever.  Stonyfield makes a wide variety of fantastic organic dairy products and has an amazing, green corporate mission that we love to support.  I've always been a fan of their yogurts, so their YoBaby line was a natural pick for me when it came time to introduce yogurt to Baby J.  The YoBaby original line was an instant hit.  If you didn't get the spoon to his mouth fast enough, the baby would bark at you to move it along; he loves his yogurt.  I always felt the need to pair the yogurt with something to round out the meal or snack, but then these lovelies came along.

YoBaby 3in1 meals are a dream.  Portable, nutritious and delicious (yes, I taste my baby's food), they offer a full ounce of both fruit and vegetable purée on the bottom and provide protein and calcium, plus other essential nutrients like zinc and vitamin A.  They come in three varieties: pear & green beans, peach & squash, and apple & sweet potato.  The wonderful people at Stonyfield sent us some samples to review and so far Baby J loves each and every one.  He continues to bang on his high chair tray if you don't deliver the next bite fast enough, and this is far and away the easiest means of getting veggies into him.  To my fellow mamas and papas, may I strongly suggest adding these to your menu rotation?  They are a definitely favorite in this house.

Here, Baby J savors a bite of YoBaby and ponders the falling snow while modeling his stunning new bib.

To spread the YoBaby greatness around, Stonyfield Farm has graciously offered to do an SMJ giveaway!  They've put together a package (pictured below) which includes a YoBaby bag, organic cotton bib, Eric Carle growth chart, YoBaby bowl/lid, and coupons for three free YoBaby Meals.  Score!  Even if you don't have a little one, this would make a fun little gift for your favorite parent-friends.

For a chance to win this lovely prize, leave a comment below!
I'll randomly pick a lucky winner on Friday afternoon.
All about spreading the love, yo!


  1. whoops... let me try again...

    Yo, our babies LOVE YoBaby, baby! Sign us up!

    And hope to see you soon....!

  2. Day 4 of the cleanse...

    i'm feeling GREAT! my illness seems to have backed off and i am no longer hungry, i am sleeping like a log, and feeling pretty good about myself overall. i can't believe how much food i normally consume. if i'm eating like a rabbit on this cleanse, feeling healthy, AND functioning, why do i usually eat three substantial meals a day?

    jane, i took your advice and included some almond butter in my grass shake this morning, plus a little banana... and voila, monkey business a la santa cruz! now THIS is a shake i could get attached too.

    last night we made the broccoli and arugula (from my garden!) soup, as it was raining cats and dogs and i was craving something warm. it was delicious but a bit watery. i would suggest holding back a little water when you make it, especially if you double it (till was joining us) as we did.

    erik ate some bread and finished till's mac n' cheese with his soup as he celebrated his cleansing finish line, admittedly guiltily, he said he felt like he was cheating on a girlfriend. immediately, he felt the bread expanding in his stomach and was regretting his binge. i was glad to witness this as it renewed my dedication to the cleanse, and made till's mac n' cheese look not so heavenly- phew!

    ps- we love yo baby! thanks smj!

  3. Day 4 of the cleanse I too am feeling FANTASTIC. Woke up this morning in a great mood, lots of energy, and feeling light. It also helped that I woke up to the chirps of bluebirds, robins, and yellow thrashers. You would think it was spring here in Georgia!

    I agree with you, Haley, why so much food? I am so excited that my stomach has shrunk to a more reasonable size, and I hope to keep it here. I do believe this cleanse has changed my breakfast routine. Fresh juice in the morning and an Amazing Grass shake mid-morning is my kind of breakfast. I used to consume nothing but coffee & water until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, when I felt absolutely ravenous and over-ate at lunch. Not anymore!! I agree, nut butter in the Amazing Grass is divine....

    I went to make the avocado & cucumber soup last night and discovered I was out of cucumber. So, I made miso soup again. Which was a good choice because my mom wasn't feeling so hot and some miso soup really made her night. I also doubled my juice recipe this morning and left some on her counter for when she woke up - she loved it! Kale, celery, pears, and lemon really do make a delicious combo. We're about to go for a 2 mile walk together before the rain kicks in. I truly haven't felt this happy in a long time.

  4. P.S. Stoneyfield farm is my fave, and I have lots and lots of "nieces and nephews" to give gifts to. :)

  5. Signin me up! ;) Sounds great! I've got a little 4 month old boy. We will be startin solids here soon enough! ;) THANKS!

    new follower too! ;)

  6. Awesome! If I win mine's going to Parker Daily!

  7. Excuse the second post if it shows up twice -
    Am loving your blog Jane. You inspired me to dust off my juicer today. Beet, pear and apple. Yum.

  8. In my pledge to cut out sugar and most fats, I've had to read labels again. I found cane juice in my soymilk. All natural evaporated is still against my current rules. Happily though my Stonyfield Plain Somooth and Creamy Low Fat Yogurt has none. SMJ, what is in Pectin? Is that just another way to say sugar?
    Please sign me up for your clever and clean and healthy give away. I am over the moon for a particular bambino.