Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleep is for the Weak

What was that I said about an easy Monday? Just in time for our return to reality, the little guy decided he'd really love to hang out between 2:30 and 6:30am today.  Awesome.  Since my 4 shots of espresso kept me up until 11 and I had a mountain of work e-mail to plow through immediately upon rising, I am now only quasi-functional.  As such, I'll spare you any of my actual thoughts at the moment, and instead, share with you some loveliness from around the interwebs.

Lunaroma is having a storewide 20% off sale from January 5th through January 9th! When placing an order online, type "NYE10" into the notes section to receive your discount.  Now is your chance to stock up on aromatherapeutic loveliness for 2010!

Post-holiday finds me with a lovely giftcard to spend at Banana Republic, which is having a doozy of a winter sale right now... yay!  I've never actually had a grown woman's proper coat before, and I am thinking that now that I am someone's mother, I probably ought to have something other than fleece to wear over a dress or suit (right?).  I found this lovely coat on supa-sale, but let me ask you this; mama and fashionista readers out there... am I insane to consider a white coat?  While I love the idea of winter-white, life is certainly more dirty these days, and perhaps I would regret the purchase.  And I do have a black, shedding dog to consider. However, I am not going to lie, I am thinking that spit-up is white, and therefore this coat would disguise it cleverly.   Am I brilliant or clearly sleep-deprived or a little of both? 

I mentioned yesterday that I baked these amazing Barefoot Contessa Banana Crunch muffins, but I fear they were lost in the sea of other things I mentioned, and they really bear their own special second mention because, damn, they are good.  I usually scoff at recipes that make you separate wet and dry ingredients and sift things, but these were worth every bit of extra effort.  Phenomenal.

Finally, the January Anthropologie catalog arrived today.  Wow.  While most of the clothes and housewares in the spreads could not be more impractical for my life (I mean, really, who has a claw foot tub in the middle of a room with a crushed velvet curtain around it?), I loved brewing up a cup of tea (Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut, thank you) and fantasizing about riding a cruiser bike with a basket full of daisies through an old street somewhere in Europe while wearing a strapless dress.  And heels.  And a saucy haircut.  Each photo was more lovely than the last, and the whole catalog is one beautiful Parisian daydream.  Sigh.  Those who don't sleep must dream during the day....


  1. Sunday the plan for the entire day was "hang out in the Pearl." It was a glorious day (that didn't start until 11am...well, it started before 11am, but you get the idea....) Part of the afternoon was spent drooling over housewares and delicious clothes in Anthropologie all the while channeling my favorite Vermontier. (Vermontian?) I'm buying a lottery ticket TOMORROW (for plane tickets east and Anthro gift cards for all!)

    xx Happy New Year!

  2. Go for the adorable white coat!! Louie has the best manners and I know he wouldn't dream of getting his hair on you!!!!!

  3. My ears are ringing... did someone call for an opinion?!! The practical/yet vain/New Englander/Taurus in me will tell you this: agreed, that white coat would look stunning on you. But, I don't think I could purchase it with the intent to wear it frequently. As in, if you plan to wear it most days this winter, I think you will either (1) be disappointed in how quickly it scuffs up, or (2) need to let go worrying about the said scuff marks and just roll with it, blemished yet satisfied.

    Also - thx for the Lunaroma special head's up! And if you, by chance, brought in some of those muffins for the ladies at work, might I beg (on knees w/ clasped hands) that you fetch Clarke to bring me one home. Excellent. :D

    Great entry! Esp. the title.

  4. Your sister in law has a claw foot tub with something similar hanging around it....ha. Its purple tho. I walk through the store dreaming of when I jump up two tiers in the income world and can life the Anthropologie way. What can I say they have the best visual merchandising I've seen in retail. And it makes me giggle because it would all go so well in my victorian home circa 1885!

    Happy 2010 SMJ!

  5. I must inquire - have you made a decision about the coat? If not, here are my 2 cents:

    Unfortunately, I do not encourage a WHITE coat. Although I do think it adorable, white does not jell with ANY woman's lifestly. Unless, of course, you can only reserve it for special occasions sans Baby J & Louie.

    I do, however, encourage an off-white coat. I was given an oatmeal colored wool coat for Christmas, and absolutely adore it. It has the same effect as white, I think, but does not show blemishes quite as easily.

    Bottom line: be happy with your purchase, even if it means special care or more frequent cleaning. :)