Thursday, January 7, 2010


Have you ever done a cleanse before?
I'd like to jump start my metabolism and detoxify my body as I start the new year.  To this end, one of my best mama friends and I plan to embark on a cleanse this month, and I am starting to put the pieces together to make that happen.  I know that I want nothing to do with The Master Cleanse, which I did for about nine of the prescribed ten days in 2008.  I was cold, grouchy and quasi-delirious most of the time, and that just isn't an option with the demands of my current lifestyle as a working mom.  Instead, I plan to construct a 7-10 day plan that is going to revolve around an cutting out some extraneous junk, combined with consuming awesome juices and raw foods (Yes, I get a newsletter authored by Gwyneth.  Don't judge.  And no, this will not be my only source of information in planning this portion of the cleanse.).  The cleanse will also feature plenty of Amazing Grass and hopefully some personal care elements as well (I am intrigued by dry brushing, and am always a fan of the home facial).   I plan to spend the next week or so researching various cleanses and recipes and putting a plan together. 

Clearly, I am not a health professional.  I am just someone who had a lot of champagne and cold medicine over the holidays, and who is ready to give Losing the Baby Weight a kick in the pants.  I hope to be able to create a tolerable, energizing, delicious and revitalizing plan with the advice of some health practitioner friends and some good old-fashioned research on the worldwide interwebs.
So, I ask you this, dear readers:
1) Do you have a cleanse you swear by?  If so, would you care to provide details or a link to the details in the comments section of this post?  If you're not the commenting type, you could e-mail your reccos to me at  I'd be ever so grateful.
2) Care to join us?  I plan to blog about my cleansing adventures, and would love to open up the comments section during that week as a place to share experiences and provide support.

Thank you in advance to anyone who has great recommendations to offer, and stay tuned for a detailed plan when my research is complete!  Pre-baby pants, you will soon be mine!

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