Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quiet Sunday

What a perfect day to kick off some purification of the body, mind and spirit.  It is unseasonably and comfortably warm outside, we got a good, long night of sleep which we capped off by snuggling with Baby J for a bit in our big, warm bed this morning, and he has gifted us with a very long and deep morning nap, which has allowed us to ease into this non-caffeinated state which is so alien to us both.  My baseline daily caffeine intake is a double latte, and the husband usually takes down 2 or 3 cups of strongly-brewed black tea before noon, so I feel like our whole household is moving through molasses this morning, in a good way.  Ever since our baby was born I have been on the move: hunting for a new home and moving, helping my sister with her wedding, returning to work and executing a major event fresh off of maternity leave, commuting long miles up and down the highway, breastfeeding and pumping at work, starting this blog, and generally keeping all the balls in the air that women do.  I am feeling that this cleanse is going to be a chance to exhale, and then to deeply inhale and keep on running!

So far we are off to a great start.  We started the day with the saltwater flush.  I'll spare you the details, but for me it was very effective.   After about an hour, we both took a shot of aloe vera juice, which we found to be surprisingly delicious.  The husband even said he would just drink it on a regular basis for no reason!  Then we made a gorgeous beet, grapefruit and lime juice with our awesome Champion Juicer...tangy, tart and tasty! 

I also dry-brushed for the first time this morning, which I found to be incredibly invigorating.   It only took about 5 minutes, and I can see myself making it a normal part of my morning routine a few days a week.  It really makes your body feel clean and refreshed, and my skin feels so soft.  I took a hot shower afterwards and felt even better. Now, the dog is a asleep by the fire, the baby is snoozing away, and I have crawled back in bed with the laptop and an Amazing Grass smoothie.  Ahhh....

So far, I feel like a million bucks.  There is truly something to be said for taking time out to just take care of yourself.  It is so rare that we allow ourselves to just stop, breathe, and be.  Rejuvenation is a beautiful thing.


  1. i'm hungry... erik is REALLY hungry- being at home all day with my toddler's left-over almond butter toast taunting me- and her pesto pasta lunch, is proving to be quite a challenge!

    we skipped the saltwater flush this morning. i might try it tomorrow, but i'm wary. i spoke with Catherine (my mom's partner) who is quiet the raw food/juice/cleanse guru, and she said the best thing to take first thing in the morning is warm water with lemon. this helps with liver detox which she said, generally takes place in the morning.

    our juice consisted of:

    celery, carrot, apple, ginger and kiwi. it was delicious! kiwis are in season here in california and were a natural choice for me- i found they added a nice zing to the juice.

    jane, what do you think about snacking on raw carrots, apples, celery etc. during the day?

    which brand of aloe juice did you try?

    i can't wait to try beet, grapefruit and lime juice next!

  2. i hear you on the toast. i just toasted up some bread for baby j and that aroma is pretty intoxicating. i am not feeling that hungry though. i find the amazing grass shakes to be really filling. i think my general attitude about this cleanse is that it should be pleasurable and revitalizing. if you guys are hungry, i think snacking on raw veggies is absolutely okay. i think the whole idea is to do what it takes to not chuck the whole thing and order a pizza out of hunger-rage :). so, i say, tailor your day's diet to your needs and add what you need to keep up with that toddler and feel healthy. similarly, if you are not feeling the saltwater flush, i think lemon water sounds awesome.

    we got alo brand aloe juice.

  3. the lemon lime shake was AMAZING! we subbed banana for coconut... yum.