Friday, January 15, 2010


My life is going in a thousand different directions at the moment, and my mental landscape looks the same.  However, the earthquake in Haiti makes everything else seems trivial.  I am sure most of you know this by now, but if you text "Haiti" (that's 42484) to 90999 on your cell phone, $10 will be donated to the Red Cross via your phone bill to help disaster relief efforts. Also find more information on the Yele Haiti site (this is Wyclef Jean's organization that does a lot of humanitarian work in Haiti). 

I'm so grateful that it is Friday and that we have a long weekend ahead of us.  We have a lot going on this weekend!  For one thing, we are kicking off our January Cleanse.  I must report that if you are planning to do it along with us, we are pushing it off one day to start on Sunday.  Life is in a bit of upheaval right now (I'll explain eventually), and we had an unforeseen curve ball thrown into our Saturday.  So, if you are playing along at home, kick up your heels one last time on Saturday night, and then dive into Sunday cleansing with us!  Come on, you know you want to.  It is not too late to e-mail me for the details (including a complete grocery list!) --

Also, this is totally random, but I loved it, so had to share it.  Yesterday, I walked into my office and saw a cup of coffee on my office-mate's desk.  Gee, I thought, what a particularly lovely to-go cup she scored.  I looked again.  Wait, that cup doesn't look like paper, but yet it does.  I inquired as to why her to-go cup looked so attractive, and found out it was not a paper cup after all, but a brilliant I Am Not a Paper Cup and Cup Cooley (I've always called them koozies, but whatev) from the MoMA store.  Fun!  As someone who rolls out of the house with a hot bevvie everyday, I am always in the market for fun carriers, and this one was awesome -- roomy, pretty, tongue-in-cheek and practical. It's the little things...

Well, my favorite readers, no matter how chaotic things get around here, sitting down to write each day calms me down and keeps me sane, so I thank you once again for reading.  To keep things interesting for you, my lovelies, I've arranged for not one, not two, but three awesome giveaways in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more fun product reviews and freebies to win! 
Wishing you a weekend of wellness, wonder, wanderings and wheatgrass...

Photo from the Green Monster Movement site, which is full of great Amazing Grass smoothie ideas!

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  1. Happy Weekend Jane (don't forget to breathe)! I signed up for your friend's wine mailing list and she sent the cutest little hand written/typed letter response-give her some props in this day in age its super cool to get that!