Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall, Emerson Style

The air has that familiar bite this week.  Heat wanes, humidity evaporates, and a breath of fresh, sweet, crisp fall breeze flows through the city.  My magical iced coffee supplies are about to be shelved in favor of hot lattes and steaming cups of green tea.  And even though no one in this house is going back to any sort of school at the moment, I have an unrequited need to sharpen pencils, buy a Trapper Keeper, and go back-to-school shopping.  Truth be told, I will probably be rocking the same ole jeans and sweaters as I did last fall, but while the boys are doing their fantasy football picks, I may as well join in the fun and share my fantasy fall shopping choices, and my number one draft pick for Fall '11 is EmersonMade.

No one does fall quite like Emerson!  She embodies the chic, classic yet edgy, modern New England style I adore, and I want one of each thing in her fall collection + some of her business acumen on the side.  Here are my favorites from her just-released autumn line...
I love this Olive Wool Day Coat!  Not only would it go with all things brown or black, but the fur collar adds that little bit of funk I so enjoy and which keeps me from purchasing the responsible, classic, black trench I probably ought to purchase at some point.  But I need this first...
Long have I resisted the pull of the skinny jean.  Recently many fashion-minded friends have been prodding me in their direction, and that encouragement plus seeing the cuteness of them on similarly proportioned girls has me almost ready to take the plunge.  Were I to boldly steer myself in a skinny jeans direction, Emerson's Gunmetal Skinnys would be my top pick for the job.  Love the fit, love the wash, and why not throw in a pair of those hot red heels as well?
I must have these Indigo Bluebells.  I just must.
And while I am at it, I shall also take a Bag O' Turtlenecks.  Perfect beat poet flair in soft cotton jersey and two to a bag for $48.  Don't mind if I do.
Finally, also from the Emerson's Basics collection, I love this dress, which is sold as a Bag O' Three in red, black and navy.  With tights and tall boots or leggings and ballet flats and a cozy cardi, you could sport these little frocks well into the fall.  To me, this shrieks hip urban mom uniform, which I aspire to acquire and rock!

What's on your fall shopping list (fantasy or otherwise)?

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  1. I love these styles-they would make it so easy to put together professional-looking outfits for school.