Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

Today has been one of those unexpectedly perfect days.  The little man slept until an unheard of 7am, allowing me 8+ full hours of rare, peaceful slumber.  I woke up feeling so refreshed and had a few moments to myself (also rare) before he started calling from his room.  Then I brought him into bed with me and we had the BEST and most precious hour-long snuggle and chat. Someday when he is a stinky teenage boy who wants nothing to do with me, I will cherish these moments even more than I do right now.  And let me tell you that I never stay in bed until 8am; it just doesn't happen in my current reality.  So the morning felt delicious already by the time my feet hit the floor.  The little guy then happily played with trucks by himself, giving me time to put a bit of effort into my breakfast rather than inhaling my usual bowl of Kashi (btw - have you tried the new Kashi Golden Goodness? A fast fave for moi.).
I sauteed some baby portobello mushrooms with a drop of olive oil and some fresh thyme.
And made a beautiful mushroom, Cabot Sharp Cheddar and egg white scramble, served alongside delicious whole grain toast spread with Earth Balance.  YUM.
Then the little guy and I headed out on a glorious, two-hour ramble.  We went to the library, a phenomenal resource that I have sadly underutilized in the year we have lived in this neighborhood.
Me gusta la biblioteca.
But no more!  I am now the proud holder of a shiny, red Boston Public Library card, and I came away with a pile of fun new books for the little man to enjoy, as well as Kris Carr's new book, which I've been dying to get my hands on.
Perhaps after my sister's wedding I will embark upon her "21-Day Adventure Cleanse", but not a moment before, I tell you, not a moment before... mama does not do wedding toasts without a rather strong drink in hand.
After the library we communed with nature for a bit...
Jamaica Pond is my own slice of city bliss.
A young Beckham in the making.
We are a family of tree-huggers.  Literally.
And then headed to City Feed for a treat.  Iced Americano for me, avocado muffin for my buddy.  Grateful Dead's American Beauty playing overhead.  Ahhh... does life get any better?
I love this store.  Call me bohemian bourgeois, I can live with it.
Don't you love it when pure happiness sneaks up on you?  I have an overwhelming feeling of joy today.  The weather is perfect, and spending the whole morning wandering outdoors was a gift.  I am grateful for rest, good food, warm sunshine, and my boys.  Happy Tuesday.


  1. I LOVE days like that, where everything just clicks. :-) Reading this Wednesday morning....I really want your breakfast from yesterday - mushrooms & thyme, one of my FAV combos in the world. <3 you xoxo

  2. Love those kind of days.
    Hmmm, have you tried to recreate the avocado muffin? Sounds interesting.

  3. Meghan, I haven't tried to recreate the avocado muffin, but I should. I'm a little afraid to have a whole loaf of it in the house, truth be told. :)

  4. Oh, what I would give to spend the day with you and our little boys right now! xo