Monday, August 29, 2011

Sending Love to Vermont

Vermont is the closest place I have ever had to a home state.  We moved a lot when I was growing up, and the longest I was ever anywhere at one stretch was about five years.  Between my time at university in hippie-haven Burlington, a year spent living in the husband's gorgeous hometown nearby, our time in Central Vermont for law school and after, I've spent a collective eight years in the Green Mountain State, making it my adopted homeland.  I got married there, had my son there, and will always have a soft spot for the beauty of the mountains, the rivers and our beloved Lake Champlain.  So, my heart is absolutely breaking this morning for all of our dear friends there who have endured epic flooding and so much devastation and loss.  The more news I see, the more dire the situation seems.

These videos really moved me.  The first shows one of my favorite yoga studios getting hit and the second shows a covered bridge in Quechee which we've crossed so many times succumbing to the river.  Many favorite local businesses have been hard hit, and I'm alarmed that we still haven't heard from anyone at the law school.  Friends, I hope you are safe.

There's really no place else on earth like Vermont.  Please keep the Green Mountain State and all the people there struggling to clean up from this mess in your thoughts today.  


  1. Right there with you Jane! I spent most of my morning checking things out online. I look at old favorite hang outs....roads I used to run on...either gone or flooded. So very sad. Stefanie Sidortsova said that VLS is due to get power back at 1am but the power to their house might be out for 2 weeks! I still haven't heard back from friends & former co-workers. My heart aches for Vermont.

  2. After a harrowing drive on Sunday that included backing up a hill on a dirt road while the road washed away in front of us and on either side of us, we drove from Manchester, VT to Portsmouth, NH early Monday morning which was eerily bright and sunny after so much darkness and fear. What impressed us more than the devastation, was the spirit and attitude of the Vermonters who were out sweeping, shoveling, and coming together immediately to start to repair the damages. They were serious and determined and still kind enough to help us find our way across their still beautiful state.