Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On my mind

On my mind this morning...
  • how a 5'2" girl can successfully pair skinny pants with a top in a professional and stylish manner, while also successfully concealing a post-baby belly that still isn't quite camera-ready. Thoughts?
  • how I'm going to tackle the gargantuan pile of laundry I need to do in order to be able to pack for my trip with the washing machine broken (come on, Sears man with your 1pm-4pm service window... come closer to 1 and fix it on the double... mama needs clean skivvies for her travels!)
  • how I can get rid of the headache I woke up with that 600mg of ibuprofen, 3 glasses of water, a triple latte and a run haven't touched. 
  • how awesome it is that we live very close to a fabulous dog park, and how happy the pup is when we get him there.
  • Halloween and affordable, creative costumes for the whole family.  Feeling so uninspired to dress us up as anything but the cast of The Jersey Shore (I think lil' J would make a perfect Situation, the way he is always yelling at us, and I'm thinking I would make a great Snooki, but somehow it all just seems a little wrong).  Already have the perfect lion costume for the little guy (so much more age appropriate, no?) and was considering a Wizard of Oz theme, but did you know the Dorothy costume from Target is $50?  I think not.  These are the things I think of in my down moments.
  • how excited I am to make a little run to Vermont and see my "work wives", and to eat some fabulous local, artisanal cheese at the localvore reception we have planned for our event (menu is seriously to die for... hope to get photos!).
  • how much I'm going miss this guy (and his dad and his "woof") while I am gone...


  1. How about you dress up as the lion (baby), the witch (you), and the wardrobe (husband in some kind of cardboard contraption...maybe the box from the new wash machine!)?

  2. Amended to add:
    - skinny pants successfully paired with long-ish cardi and ready to be rocked in the AM.
    - washing machine fixed at 6pm, fourth load of laundry almost finished, packing almost completed.
    - headache gone.
    VT here I come...