Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello my lovelies.
 The forecast for today?  
Gloomy, rainy and gray; a perfect day to sit inside, sip a cup of English tea and ponder life. 
The forecast for the week?
A visit from my sister (yessss!), a boat trip in the harbor, work work work, and my 5th 29th Birthday!  
The forecast for the month?
October shall be epic at Casa SMJ.  We're getting a new roomie, and I have not one, but two, big work events on the horizon, one of which will cause me to hop on a plane and leave little J for three times as long as I have ever left him before (hello, freedom! hello, heartache! hello, emotional rollercoaster!).  I shall require a large wine stash, and at least two new pairs of work pants (thank you for all your suggestions)... I plan to pull the trigger on some purchases while my personal shopper (aka, aforementioned sister) is in residence, and will share my choices once they are made.  Only a Libra would take going on 6 weeks to choose some new pants.  I exhaust myself.  I hope you'll stick with me for the ride this month, and excuse infrequent posts around my events (October 22 and Novemeber 5).  There is only so much a gal can accomplish in a 24 hour day.
And, most importantly, the menu forecast...
This week we are featuring a comfort food extravaganza including pasta in mushroom sauce and the chicken and broccoli fried rice I've told you about before and am finally ready to share.  Dig out your elastic waist pants and stay tuned.

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  1. love it when you drop in for even a little while
    just gives me a lift to see your perspective
    good luck with October
    and happy happy birthday