Monday, September 21, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I've always loved to write.  But now that I find myself juggling a baby, a job, a husband and home, I feel a need to find a little corner for self-expression more than ever before.  The world probably doesn't need one more mama or food blogger, but I've got lots to share and want to give you a little slice of my life.  After years of roaming the east and west coasts, I've spent the last 5 years settled in in Vermont, putting my husband through law school, and trying to figure out what my adult life is going to look like. 

Some things I love:
1) Lists.  If I can find reason to put things in a listy format I will.  A bit obsessive, but so satisfying.
2) Food, cooking and cookbooks, of which I have far too many and covet more.  The Vegan Gourmet and How to Cook Meat sit side by side on my shelf; I'm pretty non-discriminating.  Here I'll include recipes and cooking ideas and general ruminations on yumminess.
3) Products.  For babies, yoga, outdoor adventures, hair, skin, cooking, and more.  I'll share and review my favorites, and go hunting for more.
4) Being green.  My husband and I both work in jobs related to environmental action, and yet I'm not as green as I would like to be, and want to make myself accountable here for getting greener and more educated on what I can do to improve my footprint on the planet. I'll share whatever ideas I cook up with you.
5) Being active.  But let me tell you, after having an 8.5 pound baby boy 5 months ago, getting back in shape is a cruel joke.  I love to try new ways of getting fit, from different types of yoga to races that will challenge me to run more.  As a new mom and a working mom, I'm not sure how all this is going to fit in my new life and I'll share that here as well.  All I know is that winter is coming, and I still don't fit into any of my cold-weather pants, and something must be done.  Stay tuned.
6) And these guys, who make it all worthwhile:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yay! Welcome Sweet Mama Jane - that was a great intro!

  2. I love you and I love this blog! I'm starting one in my mind as I type!

  3. Jane, I attempted to do this a few months ago and stopped short, but you're giving me renewed hope & inspiration! I LOVE reading the words you put down and am sooooooo over the moon that I get to have my little Jane fix...because I miss you! xoxo

  4. Welcome and congrats on the new addition! I look forward to reading!