Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Friday: Expectant Mama Style

I swear I'm not turning this into a pregnancy blog, but since we're already on a roll this week, I figured why not close out the week with one last maternity-related blog post.  Please bear with me!

I've never been pregnant in the summer before, and because my last pregnancy was more or less completely on the flip side of the calendar year, my current stash of maternity clothes is not going to do me much good this time around.  Last time I was still working full-time as well, so I got myself squared away with a good bunch of practical business lady pants and sweaters to get through the Vermont winter, and spent the evenings and weekends in yoga pants and one well-loved hoodie.  So, I'm kind of starting from scratch here.

Our move and the summer are both going to hit me over the head with a sneak attack, I can tell already.  So, even though it is still chilly here (that Marathon Monday ninety degree thing was a total fluke) and I am still rocking my fat pants with a certain level of effectiveness, I am preparing for the inevitability of an upcoming panicked online purchase when the next hot spell comes or the fat pants finally don't button, whichever comes first (it's anyone's guess).  I've been casually trolling online maternity stores in my down moments, thinking about what I might need and want to get through the summer months properly clothed, and I thought I would share some of my random finds here this random Friday.  As with my preggo running post, if you are with child I hope you find this helpful in some way, and if you are not, you can laugh at the oxymoron of maternity fashion OR find some tips on a perfect care package to send to your favorite pregtastic sister-friend.

Before we get started, let me say that there is a GORGEOUS new maternity line called HATCH that every blogger from Gwyneth to Jo is currently crowing about.  Every piece in the collection is more gorgeous than the last...

but DUDE is it overpriced!  Take, for example, their gorgeous, flow-y, cotton jersey "Errands Dress." I love it, but it is $178 ever-loving dollars.  Not really what I want to drop for a shmatte to wear to the farmer's market.  Especially when said "errands" dress is bound to be covered in peanut butter and other toddler-related substances before noon.  If you're looking for a special event dress and want to get a little spendy, their stuff looks luscious, but for the every day, my current reality (and that of the standard mom, I believe) demands affordable, washable, comfortable items that I won't feel badly about spilling coffee on.  Last time around, Gap Maternity was my go-to for well-constructed, comfortable clothes that didn't break the bank.  Looks like it might be the same way this time.  This is what I've found thus  far:
Gap Maternity Long Foldover Waist Skirt, $39.95
Gap Maternity Tank Maxi Dress, $49.95
H&M MAMA Tunic, $24.95
ASOS Maternity Grecian Wrap Dress, $63
ASOS, H&M and Gap also have great lines of inexpensive maternity tanks and tees, although all of these lines have the common problem of average sizes selling out quickly, leaving only very large and very small sizes left for the picking.  Frustrating!

And though I shudder to consider it, I also will need a maternity swimsuit for the summer.  We are moving near the beach, and have a family beach vacation planned as well, and I have every intention of swimming and lying out by the pool as much as possible.  I hope to find an affordable, supportive and dignified (because, really? With the ruffles and the flowers and the polka-dots?  As if you don't feel ridiculous enough already? Really?) suit, and here are my front runners at the moment.
Gap Maternity Halter Tankini, $44.95
Topshop Maternity Stripe Swimsuit,  $56
So, really, this post is as much of a question as anything else.  I am finding a pretty limited selection of available, attractive, affordable, practical but cute summer maternity wear. If you know of other online (or local to Boston) resources to find great options, especially in the swimwear category, I'd love to hear about it.  Please share in the comments or shoot me an e-mail or Facebook message!  I'd be very grateful, and would wager my fellow preggos would be as well.  Thank you and happy weekend!  xoxo


  1. I also needed to do some shopping for maternity clothes for bebe #2, and simply opted to go for the most bang for my buck: eBay. I have some basic tees in size small that you are welcome to. The rest of my stash is winter-ish. Let me know if you'd like them! I wish you much luck for a mostly summer pregnancy. We had 80 temps one week when I was 9 months pregnant and it almost did me in - and you and I normally run cold.

    And FWIW, I'm still DESPERATELY trying to find a regular bathing suit. The maternity ones you posted here look better than anything I've found so far! Do you dare order a bathing suit online...?

    I can send pics of the shirts first if you'd like. And I hope your infuse SMJ with pregnancy this year! Hurray again! xoxox

  2. SMJ we need to chat. I was pregnant right around your time frame so I was most pregnant in the summer and I loved it. I loved wearing cute flowy dresses, capris and T's and flip flops. No one cared when a pregnant lady wore flips to work. You know I am thrifty and I had great luck at Motherhood Maternity, old navy, and Target. I had two bathing suits i loved and wore lots. I lived in my gaucho pants that were non maternity but stayed with me through it all. If u are interested I could send u some of my stuff- on loan until I may need them again. Just let me know. Also props to u for continuing to run. I worked out all pregnancy but toned back running, bikram abd spinning. But i swear the reason i had such a good delivery was bc i kept working out. So hopefully your efforts will pay off in the delivery room. I need to get back to running and exercising as that has gone to the waysude w

  3. I'm going through the exact same search as you!
    Good luck!