Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Friday: Scramble-brained

Do you ever find yourself feeling scramble-brained?  Here's how I would describe the case I'm experiencing now: in my brain there exist several dozen lucid thoughts.  They include: current events items, to do lists, opinions, things I would like to discuss with my husband at some point, things I'm mildly troubled about, goals and aspirations, food cravings.  I feel like someone then went into my brain with one of those old-fashioned egg beaters, and just spun everything around.  I get snippets of my thoughts, but feel easily distracted and pulled away from them.  I start to think about one thing... say, things I'd like to get from Trader Joe's, and then I head to the office for a pen and paper to jot those things down, but encounter an errant dirty sock en route to the office so start some laundry instead, totally derailing my list making and original train of thought.  I also feel profoundly exhausted.  I would like to pull it back together this weekend.  Here are my random thoughts, from my scramble brain, regarding things I would like to do this weekend to de-scramble and re-focus:

1) Clean my house.  We are currently in a dog hair, 1, Jane, 0 situation that needs to be rectified urgently.  There are also stickers where there shouldn't be stickers, and toothpaste where there shouldn't be toothpaste.  I want to grab my Mrs. Meyer's and

2) Sit quietly and read.  I just picked up this book from the library for book club this month:

And am dying to get my hands on this book, which sounds brilliant:

3) I want to cook and grub some good, nutritious food.  I'm having a Mexican hankering, which was only exacerbated by seeing this black bean breakfast dealie on Bleubird Vintage:
via Bleubird Vintage
I need to recreate this, complete with that massive chunk of avocado.  I wouldn't say no to the pancake, either.

4) I would like a run.
5) I would like a nap.
6) I would like to make satisfying to do lists regarding the move and sell many a thing on good ole Craigslist.
7) I would, quite frankly, give my eye teeth for a pedicure.  I am rocking some wicked old man feet right now and am probably frightening the small children at the playground with my talons.  I would instead love for my feet to look like this:

8) I would like JP Licks to bring back their Oreo frozen yogurt flavor (I truly cannot understand why they are trying to kill me by removing it from the menu), and I would like to eat a large bowl of it while watching Mad Men.

9)  I would like a certain someone to stop hating on a certain project that rhymes with spotty spaining (I will not be blogging about this project, as the internet is forever, and little man deserves not to have these exploits recorded for all to view when he is in high school, but I will just state once, and only once, that it is a massive challenge and that I would like a large margarita and I will leave it at that.  I will also say THANK YOU to Nana for her help in moving the process forward during her precious visit time this week.  That is all.).  Margarita.  Now.

10)  I want some quality time with mah man.  Business travel has him traversing the country a bit these days, and I miss the guy.  Need me some hubs time this weekend...

I'm fairly certain that if I make even half of this list happen, my brain will de-scramble enough that I can rejoin society as a functioning human being.  Wish me luck, and I'll report back Monday.
What will you do to de-scramble this weekend?

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