Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off to Vermont

The time has come!  My little sister is getting hitched, and bright and early tomorrow morning we will load approximately 400 pounds of toddler, cooking and wedding gear into our Volkswagen and head for our beloved Green Mountain State.  The festivities are about to get underway, and while I wish I was the kind of blogger who would be posting up-to-the-minute photos on food, fashion and scenery at this shindig, alas, I am not.  I am the kind of blogger who will be too busy sipping gin and tonics and sneaking covert puffs of her uncle's cigars to blog this week.  There are meals to cook, make up to apply, cousins to chase and speeches to be delivered! So, I'm planning to focus on the week at hand, and take a little break here.  I do, however, promise a recap post and return to regular posting next week.   

Before I take this little week's blogging vacation, I just wanted to say thank you to all the new readers who have found their way here this past month.  There's definitely a new crop of you, and I love it! I especially want to offer my gratitude to the new commenters!  While I am not always the quickest at replying in the comments sections, I read and relish each little bit of feedback on this project, so thank you.
I'm off to pack.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. Can't wait to hear and see all about the wedding! Miss you and have fun!

  2. The weekend you head to VT, Clarke and I are headed to Boston! How 'bout that. If I had had any foresight, I would have offered to house swap. Ah well. Looking forward to hearing about the recap (with pics!). Congrats to baby sister. :)

  3. Have a great time SMJ!! I'll be holding your hand as always.