Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have always loved the back-to-school, starting fresh feeling that autumn seems to bring.  The cooler days make me feel like starting new projects, getting adventurous in the kitchen, and shifting my closet towards cozier styles.  Here are some of the current inspirations I've stumbled upon for the new season...
Kitchen Inspiration
I want to cook:
And one last cobbler, before it is all apple crisp, all the time...

Sartorial Inspirtation
I want to wear...
Effortlessly elegant scarves
A cool wrap bracelet, like this Chan Luu one I spied on a mom at the playground the other day.
Longing to decorate with:
Natural elements brought indoors, like these eucalyptus branches.
 One bold-colored piece of furniture in an otherwise neutral room, like this awesome turquoise table/desk.
 Dinner by candlelight, with rustic votives in Mason jars. 
Photo credits, top to bottom: Food&Wine, Dinner:A Love Story, Smitten Kitchen, Jennifer Causey via Simply Breakfast, Style Bakery, Laws of General Economy, Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Selby in Your Place, Apartment Therapy.
 What are your fall inspirations?


  1. Definitely feel you on the scarf front! This is also the time of year when I love to break out my myriad of hats. :-) I also love that I can bake again, without Nick looking at me like I'm totally crazy (because it's hot as hell, I can't help that I like to bake year round). And I love soup...I could eat it daily, even in the summer (provided I'm in an air conditioned room, haha), I really want to try this one

  2. Beautiful. This summer when we visited Vermont, I saw someone use rice in the bottom of mason jars, topped with a votive to float them on Lake Lyme for a shindig they were having. Also, I will admit, more than half of the drinking glasses in my cabinet are mason jars :-). Maybe I'll try some as votive holders!