Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Selby Slow Morning

Yesterday I helped a caterer-friend with a beautiful party on Boston's Harbor Islands.  It was a hard day of very physical work in searing June heat, but any day that ends gliding through the harbor on a lobster boat, watching shooting stars and city lights, is okay by me.  Today, my feet hurt and my skin is feeling a bit leather-y, so I treated myself to a super-slow morning.  

The little guy listened to music and looked at books.
And I sipped a lovely iced coffee, rubbed my feet with arnica-peppermint oil, caught up on work e-mail, and perused one of my favorite blogs, The Selby is in Your Place

Selby recently did a short series in Auckland, New Zealand and I loved the quirky spaces he captured there.  Auckland is hometown to a good friend of mine, and I've always been intrigued by her photos and stories from there; now I'm officially enamored of what looks like a charming city. 
I love EVERYTHING about stylist Charlotte Rust's kitchen: the sleek stainless steel contrasting the organic wooden ladder and cutting board, the tiny shelves to showcase favorite pottery mugs, and the spare bed/meditation space.  LOVE.

How great is artist Gidon Bing's in-studio boat launch?  What better way to commute?
The treehouse-like quality of this stairway in designer Tulia Wilson's home is enchanting.
I am enamored with Selby's unique ability to capture the quirks and beauty of creative people in their home space.  If you haven't checked out his photography, I urge you to for inspiration and relaxation.  Enjoy it with the icy beverage of your choice, and let me know which space is your fave...


  1. I love the photo of Annie Novak - urban farmer...mostly because I'm enamored with Urban Farming at the moment. How cool is it to have a garden with a view!