Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Catch Up

Hello there. 
I'm sorry to have gone AWOL on you there for a moment.  Last week kicked me in the backside just a tiny bit.  The husband had work travel that backed right up to a work trip of my own.  This left me flying solo in the busy days leading up to my trip which required an extreme amount of juggling, patience and creative problem solving, which then blurred into a lovely but rather packed couple of days in Vermont.  I arrived home late on Thursday feeling mildly dazed and quite relieved that this long-anticipated and highly-choreographed week was finally in the rear view mirror.  It was the perfect time for one of the more unscheduled weekends we've had lately, and we all enjoyed a bit of hard-earned downtime.  I spent it...
Wandering through the Copley Square Farmers Market...
 Baking The Barefoot Contessa's Tri-Berry Muffins (throwing in the sugar at the end instead of mixing it with the rest of the dry ingredients gives these muffins an amazing crunchy top... they were a huge hit!).
Finally trying our new local brewpub (thanks for the fun treat P&G!).  I have but five words: truffled blue cheese tater tots.  And two more: dirty martini (the only appropriate way to end such a week).
We made pizza.
We ate fro yo.
We rode bikes and crossed things off lists and took turns sleeping in.  I drank iced coffee and went grocery shopping solo and talked to my sisters for the first time in way too long.  We were generally normal, sane people (a rarity in this house) it was so, so good. 
Now I'm ready for a fresh, new week filled with recipes and musings to share.  Stay tuned!
How was your weekend?


  1. made me smile to read this -- love weekends where you accomplish so much yet have no plans to do anything. truffled blue cheese tater tots + dirty martini = SIGN ME UP! cheers to you little chicken -- XO